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The hockey javelin throw is the best

Буллит Ткачева

A video posted by HC "Ak Bars" Kazan (@hcakbars) on

Before we present the context, be sure to watch the video above.

Watched it? Good.

There is nothing more awesome than what 23-year-old forward Vladimir Tkachyov does with what can only be called a javelin throw. There are at least four amazing bits to this act:

  1. Tkachyov picks up the puck and balances it upon his approach. Pretty difficult stuff.
  2. He somehow spins the stick so the puck sticks with it through the throw. Physics!
  3. The goalie has no idea what is going on. Not only was it a safe move to slide out of the way, but it’s very possible he ended up 10 feet outside the pipes because he had no idea how to stop the javelin throw.
  4. The music.

OK, so it’s possible this was staged.

The context, by the way, is that Tkachyov’s amazing goal came at a fan event for KHL team Ak Bars Kazan in the preseason. It’s very possible the goalie knew what was coming and that Tkachyov’s stick was, well, sticky (though we should point out the puck did fall off the stick once it lost velocity in the back of the goal).

So who cares that it might’ve been a planned endeavor? If anyone tops the shot this upcoming KHL, NHL or midget hockey season, please let us know.

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