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P.K. Subban makes promise to kids in Montreal

Before being traded to the Nashville Predators, former Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban made efforts to support the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Even with a new city, Subban will continue his support.

The 27-year-old once pledged $10 million to the hospital when he played hockey in Montreal, but now that he plays in Nashville, he penned a letter to the kids there whom he once assisted.

“To all my friends at the hospital, almost one year ago I decided to make one of the biggest commitments of my life. It all started with individual or team visits, but it very quickly became a $10 million commitment. I did this with the intention of helping you all through your daily battles and making a measurable impact on the community of Montreal.”

Subban played seven seasons in Montreal after being drafted by the Canadiens in 2007. He made his NHL debut in Feb. 2010.

“Since I arrived in Montreal six years ago, I have felt a connection to the hospital. Each and every time I had the chance to meet one of you, I got the opportunity to be inspired by your stories, courage and perseverance. Your positivity and attitude continues to inspire me. You might think that I’m doing so much for you, but the truth is you do much more for me.”

The message continued on, but at one point, Subban summarized the message of his open letter:

“Just because I have a new address doesn’t mean that my commitment to you and to the hospital is going to change one bit.”

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