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Katie Ledecky makes Bryce Harper hold her medals before she tosses first pitch

How does a person proclaim themselves a boss?

Swimmer Katie Ledecky knows how.

After she won four golds and a silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Ledecky was back on U.S. soil to throw out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals on Wednesday, and she brought along her hardware to the show.

As you can imagine, launching a fastball all the way to home plate isn’t so easy when some pretty dense, precious metals are hanging around one’s neck. Nats star Bryce Harper, thankfully, was there to help, offering to hold Ledecky’s medals as she threw out the first pitch.

The entire act of transferring them to Harper showed Ledecky has a good deal showmanship when it comes to proclaiming her boss-ness.

The pitch wasn’t so bad, either.

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