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Arizona Cardinals Ray Horton sold what for $20?

The Arizona Cardinals new defensive coordinator Ray Horton may be known for the hard hits his squad will deliver, but he may soon be known for his softer side for a gift he delivered.

On his way out of Pittsburgh the former Steelers assistant made it a point to take care of someone most in professional sports would have even thought of, the chef at the team’s cafeteria.

According to a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Horton gave Maurice “Mo” Matthews, the man who had made him food while with the Steelers, a gift the team employee would never forget.

Horton gave Matthews his 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500 convertible in exchange for $20 dollars. Matthews got a pretty great deal when you realize the Kelly Blue Book value of the car is $17,585. Not a bad going away gift if you ask us.

Moral of the story for members of the Cardinals defense? Take care of Horton by say holding opponents to 14 points a game and making him look good this season and at some point he’ll most likely return the favor.

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