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Tuesday observations from Arizona Cardinals training camp


Practice has been played at a fast and physical tempo. Tuesday was the first practice where the pace was gone.


Every year I pick a player that I love to watch and believe he’ll surprise. Within a few days, Fells was my guy. This pick was difficult because it appeared Fells had no chance to make the team. With each passing day, his opportunities increase and he’s continually impressing coaches. The problem is he’s 28 with only one year of experience. I spoke to a member of the Cardinals front office who told me that Fells has “an outside shot” at making the team. Although that doesn’t sound like much, that’s a dramatic difference from the beginning of camp.


He’s the fullback. Twenty years ago, he’d be considered a great player because he does everything. In Bruce Arians’ offense, the fullback doesn’t exist but Hughes has forced the hand of the organization. He was a star of blitz pickup during the first few weeks of practice. Tuesday, Hughes was in a two-back set with Andre Ellington, something we didn’t see last year.


Out with knee trouble. Earl Watford did well but didn’t have a “WOW” moment as Cooper’s replacement. You’ll know how Cooper stands with the coaches at the beginning of the Texans/Cardinals game. I love Cooper’s potential. He’ll be fine eventually, but the Cardinals don’t have “eventually” to wait.