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All-Access with Arians: Offensive line is growing, making progress

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his second year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media each day during training camp.

Here, in this space, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following the morning walk-through:

“Really nothing new as far as injury-wise. We came out clean [Wednesday]. Thought we had another solid practice. Defensively, I really like where we’re at right now. We’ve got an outstanding pressure package that the guys have really honed in (on) and very, very few mental mistakes in that part of the game for us right now, which is very good. Offensively, I think we’re continuing to make progress. I’m pleased with where we’re at. Anxious to see us in a ballgame.”

The decision to release Ernie Sims
“It wasn’t a fit; and I think a veteran, you owe him the respect to maybe find a time a team that he can fit. He’s been a 4-3 stack linebacker his (whole) career. I like where some of the young guys are, so I let Ernie go so that he could hopefully catch on real quick somewhere else.”

Was he surprised by Jake Ballard’s retirement announcement
“No. I was in pain watching him try to make it through those practices. You could tell (the knee) was getting worse instead of better. He had a nice few OTA (practices), where it looked like it was going to get better, but the last MRI he was bone-on-bone and there’s nothing he can do about it at his age. You hate to see it because he has such a passion for the game, and that’s the type of guys you want to make it. You’re pulling for him, but it was the right move.”

How is John Brown and his hamstring
“John Brown is continuing to improve. He hasn’t been able to finish the last two practices when we’ve gone to the competitive team periods because of fatigue, not injury. Just keeping that hamstring healthy, but he has done a great job.”

How do you feel about the progress of the offensive line
“We’re growing. And the stuff that we’re seeing isn’t easy to block. We’re seeing some really, really good defensive attacks and especially pressures. We’re getting better and better. I think there is still really good competition going on, so that’s just going to help us improve.”

Have you seen anything better out of Jonathan Cooper
“He’s improved. Once he had his knee aspirated (drained), I thought he moved around much better.”

Using computer tablets on the sidelines
“I’m going to leave that up to the assistant coaches. If they can read them with the lights, the big problem right now is lights. In our stadium, it was lights when we used them last weekend and everybody that’s used them in sunlight has a problem. I’ll go back to the pictures. I’m old school.”

So, you’ll let assistant head coach/offense Tom Moore use the tablets
“Tom will handle all that high-tech stuff.”