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Latest News’s Schein: Arizona Cardinals’ Logan Thomas a rookie who produced excitement

In just one half of NFL football, Logan Thomas may have changed the minds of a lot of doubters.

That’s what happens when you complete 11-of-12 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Though Thomas’ performance is certainly qualified by it coming in the second half of the first preseason game, his poise and accuracy not only impressed GM Steve Keim, but others around the league.

In a piece mentioning players who produced preseason excitement,’s Adam Schein made sure to mention Arizona’s rookie QB.

Some draft gurus and members of the media elite think Logan Thomas has no future in the NFL at quarterback. Those folks are wrong. On the other hand, my guy Phil Simms — who said on our CBS draft preview show that Thomas was the true QB sleeper in this class — is oh so right.

The wise Cardinals organization plucked him on Day 3 of the draft to develop in Bruce Arians’ vertical scheme. The initial returns? Not too shabby. Thomas shredded the Texans on Saturday, completing 11 of 12 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. File this performance in the mental rolodex, to be revisited a few years down the road.

Of course, one appearance in a preseason game does not a great career make. Though Thomas put on quite a show, he did so against players who, by and large, will probably not make much of an impact for the Texans this season.

But at the very least, Thomas did give a glimpse of what the Cardinals saw in him when they selected him out of Virginia Tech, which now has people wanting to see even more.