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Adrian Wilson plays down bicep tendon tear talk

If you talk to Arizona Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson, his torn bicep tendon is nothing more than a speed bump.

“It doesn’t hurt, so I’ll see you guys September 11,” Wilson said to media after practice on Monday.

It took numerous reporters to get him to even admit that he had a tear and he sidestepped questions about the specifics of his rehab in a joking manner, even going as far to say the news of his tear was a false report.

Wilson did say he would have to yield to the “big man’s decision” (A.K.A. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt) on whether or not he will play in the first game of the season.

Hearing Wilson be optimistic about his injury is good news for the Cardinals, both on and off the field. Wilson’s stats say enough about him on the field, but the younger players who were looking forward to being taken under his wing will need to wait until the safety can make a return to playing.

While, mentoring players and leading the Cardinals defense is tempting, Wilson joked he has other reasons for returning.

“I would love to be out there the first game,” Wilson said. “That would be great. I have a roster bonus coming up. I have some things that are depending on that.”

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