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Kevin Kolb can run, even if nobody wants him to

Kevin Kolb dropped back to pass, saw the pressure and took off running.

Fifteen yards later, the new Cards QB had the team’s first first down of the preseason.

Kolb ran again three plays later, showing an aspect of his game many didn’t realize he had.

“I ran the ball quite a bit in college,” Kolb said Monday. “It’s not the best part of my game but I think I can get around and move if I have to.”

The Cardinals, certainly, are hoping that doesn’t happen often, even though their QB did rush for 19 touchdowns back in his collegiate days.

That Kolb ran with success was a good thing, but that he had to abandon looking downfield and avoid the rush most certainly was not.

Then again, as head coach Ken Whisenhunt said, it’s the type of skill that could come in handy.

“I don’t think you necessarily count on his ability to be able to run,” he said, “but it’s certainly a bonus when things break down.”

In any event, nobody is going to confuse Kolb for the man who replaced him in Philadelphia anytime soon.

So, aside from the occasional QB sneak, it appears you will not be seeing Kolb off and running — unless he absolutely has to.

“If you’re asking me if we’re going to have about four or five designed quarterback runs in a game, probably not,” Whisenhunt said.’s Craig Grialou contributed to this report

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