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Davonte Neal declines to choose a college, leaves Arizona and Notre Dame waiting

Scottsdale Chaparral athlete Davonte Neal was supposed to
choose a college Tuesday, going so far as to call for a
press conference where he would make his decision public.

Down to Arizona, Notre Dame, Arkansas and North Carolina,
the highly-rated recruit who played cornerback, running
back and receiver in high school, is regarded as a true
difference-maker who would be a good get for any school.

Whichever school he chooses will have to wait, as Neal did
not show up for the press conference at Kyrene de la
Esperenza Elementary School, which was canceled about an
hour after it was supposed to start.

According to reports by the Arizona Daily Star, Davonte wants to
attend Arizona but his father, Luke, is pushing for Notre

So now we all wait, wondering where Neal will ultimately
end up. Will he get his way and go to Tucson, or will his
father win out and see his son go to South Bend?

Wherever he goes, the hope is he makes a decision sometime
soon, Week 1 of the NCAA football season is just a few
months away.