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Miller flirted with Maryland, gets more money

It was assumed Sean Miller would receive a boost in pay after taking the University of Arizona basketball team to the Elite Eight. His flirtation with Maryland all but assured it.

The Arizona Daily Star reports Miller will receive another $100,000 per year on top of his base salary through 2016, when his contract extension would expire. His total compensation would be $2.1 million plus bonuses starting July 1.

Miller was promised a two-year extension this spring because he agreed on a seven-year package with then-AD Jim Livengood but Livengood could only offer him a five-year contract, the maximum permitted by the Regents.

Miller getting more chartered flying time (from 30 to 45 hours) is a nice perk, as it will be used for recruiting and other basketball-related activities.

All in all the school is making sure to compensate Miller in a way befitting of one of the top coaches in the nation, and as long as his teams continue to go on deep Tournament runs there will be no complaining about his salary being too high.