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Tyler Bassett

  • Gambo: Fans need to thank Randy Johnson

    With all the discussion in this town focusing on the NFL draft this weekend let’s not forget Randy Johnson returns to Chase Field for the first time as the enemy. On Saturday, Johnson will face Max Scherzer and the emotions will be high. For Johnson it is a chance to gain win number 297 and […]
  • Doug: The answer is in

    So Scott Pioli is on the job for only a few months and he’s one-for-two. Since this isn’t baseball, that’s not very good. The trade for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel was a great deal. The trade of Tony Gonzalez to Atlanta for a 2010 second round pick is either a joke or ignorance. I […]
  • Sports Kabob – 4/15

    Ladies and gentlemen (and especially ladies), welcome to the Sports Kabob, a skewered look at the world of sports and pop culture. Here are the top stories: At his introductory news conference at Florida International University on Wednesday, Isaiah Thomas said his salary the first year from the Golden Panthers will be donated back to […]
  • Doug: The NFL Draft is upon us

    I know this seems like a cop out, but sometimes whatever it is I have to say isn’t nearly as important as something I just read. We all know deception happens this week leading up to the NFL Draft. I just found these specific examples fascinating. Pat Kirwin has done almost everything except be a […]
  • Gambo: I expect Boldin to be dealt at the right price

    I fully expect to turn on the microphone next Monday and be discussing the Cardinals’ trading of star wide receiver Anquan Boldin. Somehow I think that one of the teams interested in acquiring Boldin will step up their offer to meet the Cardinals demand of a first and third rounder. Both Baltimore and the New […]
  • Wolf: Boldin to Baltimore? Pull that trigger, baby

    The latest rumor has Anquan Boldin being traded to the Baltimore Ravens for TE Todd Heap, RB Willis McGahee and a draft pick. Contract’s not withstanding, this would be viewed in favorable light at the Wolfley Compound, a satisfactory conclusion to some ugly business. Anquan Boldin’s mojo is found in the dark shade of short […]
  • Burns: Defending Eric Byrnes (well…kinda)

    The D-backs had just lost to the San Francisco Giants 2-0, completing a weekend series in which Arizona scored 2 runs, compiled 11 hits and amassed 31 strikeouts against the Giants. And after this nightmare series is over, what does the announcer implore me to do? Stay tuned. ‘The Eric Byrnes Show’ is next. Really? […]
  • Wolf: Don’t trade Anquan just to trade Anquan

    If you want to trade Anquan, fine. I have no problem with that if you get equal value – like a 1st and a 3rd. If you want to keep Anquan, fine. He’s my favorite player in the NFL and the respect I have for him cannot be measured. But do me a favor: stop […]
  • Doug: Competition is brewing

    LOOK AT THIS SITE! Wow, is this impressive. There’s a new competition between the hosts of Sports 620 KTAR. Whoever writes the most compelling article/blog/paragraph gets top billing on the site. Well there’s clearly a battle brewing. I’ll call out the Commissioner right now. It’s no secret that the two of us are the most […]
  • Gambo: It is time to start over

    Over the past few months I have received tons of emails regarding the Phoenix Suns. Some people want the team to stay together, others want the team to be blown up. For me the answer is obvious. It’s time to start over, rebuild. In fact it was time to start over last year. There is […]