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A long walk awaits at Chambers Bay

UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. (AP) — These might be some of the longest rounds in the U.S. Open, and it won’t all be down to slow play.

Chambers Bay is a long hike even without clubs.

USGA executive director Mike Davis set the time par at 4 hours, 45 minutes, which is not close to what anyone is expecting a threesome to get around in for 18 holes. Time par is merely used as a gauge to determine if a group that falls out of position (such as an entire hole behind) should be warned for slow play.

Don’t be surprised if actual time for the later groups is pushing six hours.

Davis said the average walking time between greens and tees at Chambers Bay is 21 minutes.

“Put that in perspective,” Davis said. “Last year at Pinehurst, we had 13

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