Arizona Cardinals off-season checklist

10. Sign their draft picks! Patrick Peterson will be a game changer for the Cardinals. Ryan Williams might actually put a bur-under-the-saddle of Beanie Wells. Rob Housler might stretch the middle of the field in a way we haven't seen here since Jay Novacek. And Sam Acho has the work-ethic, desire and commitment to develop into a solid pass-rusher. 9. Sign additional free-agent journeymen: The Cards need depth across the line-of-scrimmage on both sides of the ball. 8. If the price is right, re-sign Alan Branch, Kenny Iwebema, Michael Adams & Steven Spach 7. Sign a smart, heady, savvy free-agent Mike-backer: Barrett Ruud of Tampa Bay would seem to fit the bill. Although he is not the most physical Mike in the league, he has recorded over 500-tackles and missed one-game in those four-years of starting. Re-sign Deuce Lutui, Tim Hightower and Early Doucet:Even though the Cards picked RB Ryan Williams in the second-round, there is room in the backfield for Beanie Wells, Williams and Hightower. 5. Sign two free-agent OL: What the Cardinals need is two solid, proven, middle-aged, productive starters to come in and play alongside Sendlien, Keith, and either Rex Hadnot, Jeremy Bridges or Duece Lutui. 4. Re-sign Steve Breaston, Lyle Sendlein and Brandon Keith: Breaston, Sendlein and Keith know the offense the Cards will employ, are still young and although they each have their flaws, should be the most attractive free-agents the Cards possess. 3. Sign CB, Ike Taylor, as a free-agent: He is the consummate professional, is in great shape, durable (he has missed 3-games in 9-years), can run with anybody, competes with everybody and knows the defense Ray Horton will run here in Arizona. He fits like a glove and would be an excellent mentor to Patrick Peterson. 2. Extend Larry Fitzgerald: The Fighting Fitz has one more year on his contract (a contract in which he cannot be franchised) and has been waiting for the Cards to show their hand in terms of who the quarterback of the future will be in Arizona before signing an extension. Reports say he likes Kevin Kolb and would view his acquisition in a favorable way. 1. Trade for Kevin Kolb and sign him to Matt Schaub money: The Arizona Cardinals believe much of their problems in 2010 revolved around their quarterback situation. Acquiring a talented quarterback in a relatively weak division could put them back on top and into the post-season once again.