Bad Hair Days

Phil, Phil, Phil. Did someone tell you afros and bellbottoms went out in the 80s? (AP) Joe Pesci is a great actor. But whoever put this rug on his head for JFK needs a remedial class in wig design. Hair-o-meter bad hair score: 7. Usually he's a 10 but apparently boxing promoter Don King (far right in case you couldn't guess) has eliminated some of the height to shave points off his final tally. (AP) This is the quintessential picture of bed head. Clearly, the Godfather of Soul had just got out bed before his arrest, as evidenced by his robe. (AP) Nick Nolte is the poster child for what other celebrities aspire to look like in their mugshots. (AP) Britney Spears' lack of hair makes a statement, but Brit, we don't think they're making a sequel of GI Jane. (AP Photo/KABC-TV)
Donald Trump sports a combover.(AP)  We won't say much so he can still focus his insults on Rosie. Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of the A&E TV series, "Dog, The Bounty Hunter," at the state Capitol building in Honolulu with his wife, Beth, right. (AP) Vidal Sasson, it's time for a makeover. Hawaii lawmakers recognized Duane "Dog" Chapman for his crime-fighting, his commitment to reform and his contributions in the fight against drugs. (AP)  Well, he certainly wasn't given a hair award? And are those badmitton shuttlecocks?