D-backs poke fun at ‘most eligible bachelor’

The Arizona Diamondbacks organization has amongst them one of the most eligible bachelors in the Valley … and it’s not a ballplayer.

In Arizona Foothills Magazine’s February issue, D-backs Director of Player and Media Relations Casey Wilcox was named one of the 16 most eligible Phoenicians.

Wilcox’s newfound local celebrity was not lost on the D-backs, who had a little fun at the 34-year-old’s expense during Friday’s team meeting at Salt River Fields.

The D-backs handed out t-shirts with photos of Wilcox adorned with his bachelor status. One shirt read “One at a time, Ladies!” underneath a photo of Wilcox while the other said “Your Favorite Rock Star’s Favorite Rock Star.”

Wilcox, who is on Twitter, found humor in the joke and is taking it all in stride.

“I thought it was very, very funny,” Wilcox said. “I had a feeling the department was going to do something.”

Wilcox said he knew something was up when his boss introduced the entire department in reverse order.

“When he got to me everybody scattered so I was the lone person up there at which point Josh [Rawitch] introduced me as one of ‘Phoenix’s Most Eligible’, busted out a picture from the magazine and then [they] started handing out the t-shirts that they had made with my image on them,” Wilcox explained.

Wilcox did admit he was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing.

“I didn’t see any of the players’ reactions because I was looking at the ground,” Wilcox stated. “I was red in the face so I was little taken aback by it all.”

Don’t worry Casey, we bet these t-shirts will be a big hit with the ladies.