Renaissance Faire

A hawk performs at the one of the shows. (James Webb/KTAR) Ladies of the court parade through the grounds of the Arizona Renaissance Festival. (James Webb/KTAR) A performer at one of the shows at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. (James Webb/KTAR) A knight tends to his injuries after the joust. (James Webb/KTAR) The joust begins. (James Webb/KTAR) Knights prepare for the joust. (James Webb/KTAR) Knights ride around the ring before the joust. (James Webb/KTAR) A knight chooses his weapon for the joust. (James Webb/KTAR) One of the man-powered merry-go-rounds at the Festival. (James Webb/KTAR) More shops. (James Webb/KTAR) Visitors can buy fairy and butterfly wings to wear at the Festival.(James Webb/KTAR) A man on stilts walks among visitors to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.(James Webb/KTAR) Some of the shops along the Renaissance Festival grounds.(James Webb/KTAR) A living statue surprises passers-by. (James Webb/KTAR) Strolling musicians entertain the crowd. (James Webb/KTAR) Actors greet visitors at the entrance to the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction.(James Webb/KTAR)