State Farm Stadium Food (Aug. 1)

The Shotgun Dog -- Giant 22-inch Vienna beef hot dog topped with beef chili, shredded sharp cheddar cheese and diced onions served on an oven-fresh bun: Club level. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) The salary cap burger -- A 6 oz. griddled Wagyu beef patty topped with melted Havarti cheese, millionaires bacon, sherry caramelized onions, shaved cucumbers, micro sprouts and tanker sauce (chipotle BBQ) served on a griddled brioche bun: Club level (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Fried ham, turkey and swiss cheese Monti Cristo croquettes served with raspberry sauce and powdered sugar: Club level. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Big Red chicken and Bundt cake -- Jalapeno honey hot glazed chicken tenders served over a maple glazed red velvet Bundt cake: Club level. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Available at Section 124. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Crispy egg rolls filled with diced chicken, chico corn and black beans served with avocado ranch and pico de gallo: Available in sections 124, 203 and 247. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Crispy breaded corn dog covered in chico corn, Mexican crema, Tajin, cotija Cheese, chipotle mayo and jalapeno sauce: • Available in sections 107, 408 and 420. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Funnel fries --
An innovative take on funnel cake, deep fried and covered in powdered sugar and drizzled raspberry sauce: Available in sections 104 and 124. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Footlong, hand-cut french fries served with sour cream & chive, hickory ranch or chipotle mayo sauce: Available in sections 124, 213 and 235. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Available in sections 124 and Big Red Brew Haus. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) A 6 oz. flame-grilled beef patty topped with roasted poblano peppers, melted cheese and pickled red onions served between two birria pupusas: Available in sections 102, 129, 213, 235, 408, 420 and 444. (Tyler Drake/Arizona Sports) Big Red Chopped Salad --
Fresh Arizona lettuce tossed with diced grilled chicken, tomato, red onions, black beans, cheddar cheese, cotija cheese, chico corn, papaya, pepitas and avocado ranch dressing (available in sections 103, 125, 220, 227, 452 and Big Red Brew Haus)