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  • Green: Excited about the D-backs? Me neither

    It’s the 2010 All-Star break. The Diamondbacks have sent Justin Upton, Dan Haren and Edwin Jackson to the game in California. Back in Phoenix, the D-backs are six games behind the Rockies for first in the NL West and Brandon Webb, who has eight starts under his belt, should be about ready to round into […]
  • Burns: D-backs disregard conventional wisdom

    Conventional wisdom comes exactly as advertised. It is both conventional and wise. Want to get a job? Network and make sure your resume is brief and to the point. Want to be fashionable? If you’re a woman, don’t wear white after Labor Day. Want to lose weight? Eat smaller portions and exercise more. But once […]
  • Green: The Suns failed Amare

    The Phoenix Suns failed Amare Stoudemire. Amare Stoudemire entered the NBA straight out of high school. Drafted at 19, he had much to learn about the game of basketball when he entered the league. Looking back it is easy to see why Amare’s biggest weaknesses, at least, until now, are what they are. As a […]
  • Burns: Amar’e Stoudemire – Do you trust him?

    One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies goes something like this: “Trust. It seems to me that if there were any logic to our language, trust would be a four letter word.” It’s from the Tom Cruise classic (and it’s not often I get to use those three words in the […]
  • Burns: Nothing new learned from Tiger

    Watched Tiger Woods “interview” this morning and it reminded me of when my nine-year-old declares matter-of-factly that she brushed her teeth. You know…….with her finger. Toothpaste was involved. Your mouth feels cleaner. Your breath smells better. But did you really brush your teeth? No. You, in fact, did not. Tiger Woods was interviewed by ESPN […]
  • Green: Loving the Madness

    One of the best parts about working at KTAR is that not only are you allowed to watch the NCAA tournament, but you are actually encouraged to do so. All day Thursday people at the office were glued to the TV or, in some cases, the online video stream, and the topic du jour was […]
  • Burns: Can’t not-watch Tiger

    College hoops analyst Bill Raftery – who is far, far and away the most entertaining analyst in any of the big time sports – has a word he likes to use when describing courage, moxie and guts. The word is “onions.” And when it comes to Tiger Woods, I ain’t got any. I can say […]
  • It’s official: I’m confused

    I don’t get it. On Friday I utterly and completely believed that Larry Foote was going to be a Cardinal. They were like two people flirting with each other big time at the bar. The mutual attraction was undeniable. At the very least phone numbers would be exchanged. Foote wanted to play for a winner. […]
  • Burns: March Madness? More like March clueless

    Did I ever tell you I was a terrific test-taker? SAT’s, ACT’s, final exams; you name it. My gift was cramming. I could cram with the best of them. Load up on the Mountain Dew in the early evening and cap it off with a 2 a.m. trip to Denny’s….order up a Moon’s over My […]
  • Burns: In time Cards must honor Boldin

    It was a full on, wish-I-thought-of-that moment. I didn’t, so I have to give full credit to the Republic’s Cardinals beat writer, Kent Somers. If you scroll down in this report, you’ll find a suggestion that the Cardinals should put Anquan Boldin in their ring of honor one day. It’s more than a moderate suggestion. […]
  • Green: Welcome to the NFL, Arizona

    Welcome to the NFL, Arizona. The Cardinals have, finally, proven that they have turned the proverbial corner once and for all. The back-to-back NFC West titles and an appearance in Super Bowl XLIII showed that the Cardinals were competitive, but what has transpired over the last few days confirms that these are no longer your […]
  • Burns: Pros and cons of Upton’s deal

    For many, the annual Bible of baseball prognostications is a 652 page ditty known as the Baseball Prospectus 2010. The thing is bigger than Mike D’Antoni’s ego. If this book had to fly commercially it would get charged for two seats (but unlike film director Kevin Smith, it wouldn’t complain on its Twitter account because […]
  • Burns: My hunch on where Rolle ends up

    Nothing like a tweet from Chad Ochocinco to set my mind at ease. Alright, I’m mostly kidding. Mostly. I’ve got confidence (not a lot but enough) that the Cardinals are going to bring back their soon-to-be-free-agent safety Antrel Rolle. A feeling that was validated (not a full-on validation but enough of one) by the Bengals […]
  • Burns: What’s in a name?

    The greens are perfectly manicured, the golfers tuned up, the kegs on ice. The PGA Tour is back and golf has our full attention. So now is a perfect time to address the elephant in the room. No, not Tiger. He’s the snake in the room. I’m talking about the name. The Waste Management Phoenix […]
  • Green: ASU is no sure thing to be dancing

    With Selection Sunday roughly three weeks away, the talk around town is about how the ASU Sun Devils will find their way into the dance, while the University of Arizona Wildcats will be staying home for the first time since 1984. Well, I have some news for you: The Sun Devils are no sure thing. […]
  • Burns: Closing the book on an era

    I remember the day like it was yesterday. June 2, 2005. The 620 Sportsline was live, on-location from some high-end pizza place in North Scottsdale. It was the night after the Spurs eliminated the Phoenix Suns from the NBA’s Western Conference Finals and I couldn’t have been in a better mood. Whatever disappointment I had […]
  • Green: The business of sports

    We are often reminded that professional sports are a business. Everyone involved wants to make as much money as they can, and that is generally how things go. But, while most people are not afraid to bash players when they ask for more money or make decisions based solely on finances, few seem to look […]
  • Burns: Aiming for Frasier

    As far as finales go, I’m pretty sure where Tuesday night’s last ever 620 Sportsline ranks. It wasn’t sad and sappy like MASH. This wasn’t Hawkeye Pierce flying away in a helicopter while BJ Honnicutt drives away on the motorcycle with the words GOODBYE spelled out with rocks. It wasn’t confusing like The Soprano’s. I […]
  • Green: Let’s jump on the bandwagon

    People like to say the fans in Arizona will only follow a team if they win games. While that appears to be the case, especially with the Cardinals, the best team in the state remains very much under the radar. At 34-18-5 with 73 points, the Phoenix Coyotes are currently second in the Pacific Division […]
  • Burns: Couldn’t have done it without him

    Take all the success the Cardinals have had over the last couple of years. The Super Bowl, the division titles, the newfound national respect. Now imagine it as a giant pie (apple of course). How big is Kurt Warner’s slice? How much of it was he directly and personally responsible for? The knee jerk reaction […]