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  • UA coach Miller to attend draft with Williams

    Wonder how much Sean Miller’s players appreciate their head coach? According to the Tucson Citizen, Miller will leave Tucson Thursday morning to join Williams, his family and friends at the draft. This will be Miller’s first trip to the draft. “More than anything, I’m just so excited for Derrick and his family. So rarely do […]
  • Nash is happy in Phoenix

    While Steve Nash’s name has been mentioned in various trade rumors, as it is every year, the standout point guard is loyal to the Suns. “When you’re in a situation (where) you’ve given a lot of your career to one franchise, you feel at home there,” Nash said prior to his charity soccer event in […]
  • Calais Campbell among league’s most efficient

    While Calais Campbell may not be as household name, he is one of the most productive pass rushers in the NFL, and has been for the past three years. A recent study by discovered that Campbell was the 17th most efficient pass rusher last season and the 14th most efficient over the past three […]
  • Suns choice between Morris and Shumpert

    Though we can’t be certain of who will be available to the Suns when they are set to make their pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft, they do seem to be narrowing the list of potential candidates. A day before the draft Suns pick could come down to Markieff Morris or Iman Shumpert, Suns brass split […]
  • New York media just won’t quit with Nash rumors

    The New York media is at it again. Apparently in the Big Apple Lon Babby saying his club won’t deal Steve Nash translates to trade talks about the point guard are ‘heating up’ between the Suns and Knicks. Maybe the confusion is because they’re from a city that never sleeps (we hear sleep deprivation can […]
  • Goalie Bryzgalov agrees to deal with Flyers

    The Philadelphia Flyers and Ilya Bryzgalov have agreed to a deal, according to Brian Stubits of The two sides have apparently agreed to a long-term contract that cannot be made official until the Flyers are able to get under the new $64 million salary cap meaning that GM Paul Holmgren will likely be getting […]
  • Suns can’t, won’t get equal value for Steve Nash

    Though they are consistently denying the possibility, if the Phoenix Suns were to trade Steve Nash they would be faced with an unfortunate reality. “I think the window, they’ve missed the window on getting equal or better value for their piece known as Steve Nash,” Sports 620 KTAR’s Ron Wolfley said on the Doug and […]
  • D-backs want to look internally before making trade

    When Kevin Towers was hired as the general manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks he had two goals in mind: get the team to play .500 or better baseball and develop a strong farm system. So far, so good. While many outside the organization are surprised to see the D-backs six games over .500, Towers thought […]
  • Jimmer could adopt a Nash-like mentality

    One of the more favorable comparisons for BYU’s Jimmer Fredette has been Steve Nash. Excellent shooters who also share the ability to…umm…play basketball, Ron Wolfley from Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug and Wolf show said the soon-to-be-rookie could prove the comparison right — if he can handle the ball. “I think Jimmer Fredette could adopt a […]
  • Teams keep asking about Nash, Suns keep turning them down

    Some NBA teams are like the guy that keeps hitting on the same woman despite being turned down over and over again, they just can’t take a hint. That’s because, despite the Phoenix Suns front office claiming a zillion times — make that a zillion and one — they won’t trade Steve Nash, teams still […]
  • The last eight drafts haven’t been pretty for Suns

    Got a friend, let’s call him … Craig. Craig — grumpy that he wasted nine bucks — insists that Hangover 2 was a summer blockbuster bomb. Just for fun, and to be a pain in his backside, I looked it up. A movie that was filmed on a budget of $35 million has, to date, […]
  • Suns adamant about not dealing Nash or Gortat

    Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you’d stare at another person and the first one to blink lost? The Phoenix Suns and certain writers around the league are in the midst of an epic one of those games right now. In three days, three separate rumors involving the Suns made […]
  • Suns squash report of initiating trade talks involving Nash

    The Phoenix Suns once again had to answer a report that mentions a potential trade of their star point guard Steve Nash. The Suns’ answer to the report is the same as it has been; no, Nash won’t be getting traded. Lon Babby, Suns President of Basketball Operations, called Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug & Wolf […]
  • Inside the Box: D-backs build to win in K.C.

    After every Arizona Diamondbacks game we’ll examine the box score and provide you with instant analysis. So it’s time to go Inside the Box for June 18, 2011: Diamondbacks 7, Royals 2 The Good: The D-backs hitters put together a string of runs over four-innings that built them to a win and also looked to […]
  • Diamondbacks should resist urge to deal prospects

    Just a half-game out of first in the NL West, the Arizona Diamondbacks are likely to be more buyer than seller at this year’s MLB trade deadline. That concept concerns Sports 620 KTAR’s Mark Asher. “As of right now, what I believe, I’m telling you right now I’m not adding a player that would cost […]
  • What happens if Suns trade up and D-Will is gone?

    Rumors have circulated that the Suns are interested in trading up to get the No. 2 selection in the NBA Draft and, presumably, Arizona’s Derrick Williams. What if, though, they make a deal with Minnesota only to watch Cleveland take Williams with the first-overall pick? “That would be the risk, you move up to number […]
  • Suns ready for anything in Thursday’s draft

    What does visiting eight different countries and attending 120 practices and or games over a five month period get an NBA franchise? Other than jet lag and a serious case of home sickness, it gets them a completed draft board. That’s the path the Phoenix Suns director of player personnel John Treloar traveled to help […]
  • Diamondbacks bring up Wily Mo Pena

    Ready for Interleague Play, the Arizona Diamondbacks called up Wily Mo Pena from Triple-A Reno. He is expected to be the the team’s designated hitter. The 29-year-old Pena was hitting .363 with 21 home runs and 63 RBI in 63 games for the Aces, leading the Pacific Coast League in home runs and slugging percentage […]
  • NHL says more than one buyer interested in Coyotes

    The Phoenix Coyotes have been rumored to be ‘hooking up’ with so many different potential owners over the last few years they are starting to sound like a soap opera character (or a pop star, take your pick). According to Rogers Sportsnet’s John Shannon, It sounds like we may soon be able to add another […]
  • Suns call Gortat trade rumors unfounded

    Marcin Gortat shouldn’t hand in his t-shirts and shorts for parkas and show boots just yet. Despite trade rumors that suggest the Phoenix Suns are looking to deal their center and the No. 13 pick to Minnesota for the No. 2 pick and Nikola Pekovic, the team’s front office sounds like they don’t want to […]