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  • Green: I’m looking forward to November 3rd

    I can’t wait for November 3rd. That Wednesday I will wake up after a long night of election coverage at KTAR, look out my window and realize the world is still there. Sure, the events of the night before will matter. And yes, odds are I will not care for some who are elected, be […]
  • Burns: The similarities of the Suns and a rock concert

    Watching the Suns opener the other night and it occurred to me that Suns basketball is like a rock concert. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Let me clarify; Phoenix Suns basketball is like the end of a rock concert. We’ve all been to the rock concert. At the end, the band […]
  • Burns: Max Hall or Derek Anderson

    Max or Derek? It’s like going to the movies only to find everything is sold out except for 3D Jackass and Life As We Know It. A vegan at a steakhouse has better choices. It’s a quarterback league and right now the Cardinals don’t have one. The excuse-makers will come out in force following the […]
  • Green: Warner is gone, but does Whiz realize it?

    All throughout the offseason Ken Whisenhunt, when asked if the offense would change with Kurt Warner retired, responded by saying it wouldn’t. He felt that Matt Leinart, at least during OTAs, could effectively run the system. At the time I think it was viewed as a positive. The offense had been great the last few […]
  • Paulie Pigskin Report: Beat down the Cardinals and they show up

    Every August, I (nearly) forget my wedding anniversary. That is, until my mother-in-law calls with a not so friendly reminder, usually rehashing some malarkey about 2005, which I can’t remember either (Editor’s Note: Paulie Pigskin claims to be very busy during Cards Camp.) That said, here’s the $$ question: where’s my mother-in-law when I really […]
  • Burns: Manage your expectations

    Every now and then you have to go macro. Zoom out. Big picture. If you’re a Cardinals fan who has decided that Max Hall is football’s version of penicillin, let me pose this question to you: If 49ers Mike Singletary decided to start an undrafted rookie at quarterback, how would you react? You’d laugh, that’s […]
  • Burns: Beanie’s message was right; venue was wrong

    The messenger was right on target. So was the message itself. The venue? That’s where it all went wrong for Beanie Wells. On Monday, the Cards second year running back officially waded into waters that had typically been reserved for Matt Leinart. He professed confusion about his role and a strong desire to get more […]
  • Burns: The Cardinals have been exposed

    I understand what sells. What moves the meter. What gets people talking. Ben Affleck’s latest movie “The Town” isn’t a hit because of the subtly good performances, the symbolism, plot twists or anything like that. It’s a hit because it’s got action, guns and pretty people. The fact it has all those other things is […]
  • Green: At 2-1 it’s time for a change

    The Cardinals are 2-1. Excuse me for not breaking out in celebration. Sure, the team is tied for first. And yes, I understand the NFC West is weak. I also understand that as long as the Cardinals can make the playoffs, well, anything can happen from there. But through three games I can tell you […]
  • Burns: Cardinals win ends up being ‘Compass Game’

    In an effort to give everything a conveniently catchy label, we in the media will often attach nicknames to certain games or moments. It’s a Statement Game. Seperation Saturday. A Turning Point Game. I even heard somebody once describe a game as a GPS game (a game to determine exactly where that team is “located” […]
  • Burns: Not ready to see Hall pass

    It’s not that I want to be trendy, I just want to make sure I’m not missing out. So I’ve tried the bands Arcade Fire and The National. TV shows like Mad Men and The Wire. The book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Just give them a chance everybody says, they’ll change your life. […]
  • Burns: Falcons showed mercy on lifeless Cardinals

    My son spent the weekend playing in a baseball tournament where, from time to time, the mercy-rule is used to save time and spare embarrassment. Up by 10 runs after four innings, or eight runs after five, and the game is over. On Saturday his team was run-ruled, on Sunday it was the Arizona Cardinals […]
  • Burns: Depth perception of Cardinals receivers

    It’s the reason they don’t put diving boards in the shallow end of the pool. Or why they remind you on your rear view mirrors that “Objects are closer than they appear.” Depth perception can be a tricky thing. Very deceiving. Just ask the Arizona Cardinals. When it comes to the wide receiver position, they […]
  • Burns: Not the prettiest but it was a win on the road

    On Sunday my daughter celebrated a birthday. Six years from right now she’ll want, or maybe more appropriately, expect a car. If the grades are great, she is tattoo-free and she’s dating a boy from my pre-approved list….she’ll get one. But I better not hear any complaints about the color, make or model. Don’t like […]
  • Green: Where are your expectations?

    Last year as the Cardinals were set to open the season nothing but excitement and optimism was in the air. The team was coming off a trip to the Super Bowl and returned largely the same group of players who took them there. We all knew the Cardinals would win the NFC West – that […]
  • Burns: It’s not what you thought….and that’s a good thing

    3:45 press conference? Did he get traded? Did he get cut? Did the Arizona Cardinals just pull the trigger on the Matt Leinart era? You should have seen the starched shirts spring into action on Wednesday here at Sports 620 KTAR. Alert the reporters, have the web team standing by, deploy the talk show hosts, […]
  • Green: Careful, Whiz

    Careful, Whiz. Matt Leinart’s days as an Arizona Cardinal appear to be numbered. Though not officially benched for Derek Anderson, the language from both Leinart and head coach Ken Whisenhunt appear to lean in that direction. While I may disagree with the decision, as I wrote last week I trust Whisenhunt and will thereby support […]
  • Paulie Pigskin Report: QB question a matter of taste

    So far, the Cards QB position is sort of like the combo plate at Jack’s BBQ. (Hey, Paulie Honky Tonk should know, I’m already a regular here in Nashville, where they yell my name out upon entry like Norm in “Cheers.”) What have we been told since grade school? “Son, life is about choices.” Exactly. […]
  • Burns: No Warner to save the day

    The most significant development in the Cardinals search for their 2010 starting quarterback came not from anything Matt Leinart or Derek Anderson did on the field. It came from what the 2009 quarterback, Kurt Warner, tweeted off of the field: @kurt13warner OK, y’all… I am watching game… I am not coming back… and I would […]
  • Green: I trust Ken Whisenhunt and you should too

    There has been enough talk about the Cardinals and their supposed shortcomings to last, I don’t know, at least the rest of the preseason. From the loss of key personnel to the iffy QB situation, analysts and “experts” have lined up to take their shots at the team that nobody wanted to buy into even […]