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Burns & Gambo join many working from home, go live from Gambo’s house

The coronavirus has forced many people into a world of firsts, including working from home.

Arizona Sports’ Burns & Gambo are doing their part to contribute to social distancing by joining that crowd by no longer coming to the office.

The question, of course, became where the two would do the show from, and our own John Gambadoro offered to host from his home.

Working from home can be a bit of a challenge to stay in the right routine, and the guys proved that to be right from the jump.

Burns & Gambo made sure to let the listeners know at the start of the show that the jumping on the trampoline was not their best social distancing and that, yes, that was not really them playing Fortnite at the end.

Who knows what hijinx will be next? Will Gambo’s neighbors tolerate a free four-hour show? Will guests from the household stop by the show unannounced? Tune in to find out.

Burns & Gambo