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  • Did Adam Gase take Jets play-calling duties? His answer was confusing

    The New York Jets offensive play calling is no longer just a question of why they run the plays they run. Now we're wondering who is calling them.
  • LeBron James is once again ready for some Arizona Cardinals football

    LeBron James' Twitter feed once again mentioned the Cardinals on Thursday, with the four-time MVP expressing excitement about watching Arizona play Seattle.
  • Arizona Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins earns elite 99 ranking in Madden 21

    DeAndre Hopkins took home NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors Wednesday and on Thursday he was announced as the newest member of the elite Madden 99 club.
  • 2020 NBA Draft prop bets involve LaVar Ball, pizza, dogs and cats

    We'll get a look into the houses of prospects -- or their agent-funded Airbnbs -- as they wait for the call from their new pro home.
  • Blake Shelton likes to take credit for Cardinals drafting QB Kyler Murray

    Country music star Blake Shelton joined NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Tuesday and explained how he was the one behind Kyler Murray going No. 1.
  • Tiger knocks 3 balls into the water, scores a 10 on par 3 at The Masters

    Tiger Woods hit three shots into the water hazard in front of the green on the par three 12th hole at Augusta National on Sunday, scoring a 10 on the hole.
  • Kyler Murray anticipates Tim Tebow in Nissan Heisman House commercial

    Kyler Murray continues to blow up, and it's not surprising to see his rising fame on the field turn into more opportunities off it.
  • Jon Rahm triple-skips an ace over water in practice round at The Masters

    Jon Rahm is good at golf. There's not much of an argument there, but after his last hole-in-one at Augusta National, there's absolutely no denying it.
  • Steve Mariucci teases GameDay set with predictions on Murray, Hopkins

    Steve Mariucci either believes the Cardinals pass-catching duo of Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are in for big games or he just enjoys trolling.
  • Bruce Arians looks like many things with face shield, headset and hat

    A bird-watching podcaster? A heroic blimp pilot? Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians looked like many things with face shield, headset and hat.
  • Florida coach Dan Mullen embraces dark side after beating Missouri

    University of Florida football coach Dan Mullen won over the internet after defeating Missouri by 24 points on Saturday night.
  • Rutgers’ lateral play against Indiana amazes, if only it would have counted

    Facing a 16-point deficit near the end of the game and a fourth-and-32 situation, Rutgers kept a play alive by completing eight lateral passes.
  • Phoenix Suns Jevon Carter and Frank Kaminsky frightened at Fear Farm

    Jevon Carter and Frank Kaminsky took a stroll through Fear Farm and the Phoenix Suns were there to capture the experience.
  • Cody Bellinger swung his bat at a wasp in Game 6 of the World Series

    Cody Bellinger was busy focusing on a crucial at-bat in Game 6 of the World Series when a wasp came flying at his head. He flinched.
  • Kyler Murray gleeful seeing DeAndre Hopkins in single coverage for TD

    Things were heading south in a hurry for the Cardinals at the start of Sunday Night Football against the Seahawks until a big play by DeAndre Hopkins.
  • Daniel Jones fails spectacularly, trips during 80-yard run for Giants

    Yes, you read that headline right. New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones rushed for 80 yards on a play. In a National Football League game.
  • Sad Cowboys fan parody emerges after Cardinals’ Monday demolition

    If you'd like to relive a Monday Night Football win by the Arizona Cardinals in the shoes of a Dallas Cowboys fan, Scooter Magruder has you covered.
  • ‘Kyler World’: AT&T Stadium’s Wikipedia edited after Cardinals win

    The Cardinals stepped up under the bright lights in their Monday Night Football win over the Cowboys. So much so that "Jerry World" may have a new owner.
  • Stephen A. Smith was jamming to the Cardinals’ beatdown of the Cowboys

    The Cardinals' throttling of the Dallas Cowboys in front of a Monday Night Football audience sure got Stephen A. Smith in a good mood.
  • Cowboys fans are sad, mad after Monday Night Football loss to Cards

    You never know what you're truly missing until it's gone, and boy were we missing upset fan reactions in the crowd due to the pandemic.