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Arizona racing fans can now purchase NASCAR license plates

(Photo courtesy Phoenix Raceway)

Racing fans in Arizona can now fashion their own vehicles with NASCAR-branded state license plates.

The plates, which cost $25 and are available through the Arizona Department of Transportation, feature a black background with NASCAR’s iconic bar logo running down the left side.

The NASCAR plates will benefit a good cause as well. Phoenix Raceway’s Arizona Accelerator Charities will receive $17 of the cost of each plate, and that money will support education, healthcare and families of active duty and military veterans.

“I can’t wait to start seeing these new license plates on the roads throughout Arizona,” said Phoenix Raceway president Julie Giese. “Not only will these plates look really sharp on any vehicle, they also support a great cause and help give back to our local community. It’s a wonderful way for our fans to come together and collectively showcase their love for motorsports on a daily basis.”

NASCAR fans in Arizona can purchase the new plates at

Buying a new plate will not change the owner’s current registration expiration. The $25 annual special plate charge will be included on renewed registrations, and the fee for custom plates will be $50.

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