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Arizona Coyotes’ LeBlanc: There will be no new agreement with Glendale

The Arizona Coyotes are ready to go to court to keep its arena deal with the city of Glendale in place.

“We’re not going into another agreement,” Coyotes co-owner Anthony LeBlanc told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM’s Doug & Wolf.

At a special session Wednesday the city of Glendale voted to terminate a lease agreement with the Coyotes.

The city of Glendale would like to renegotiate a 15-year, $225-million deal signed in 2013.

The Coyotes don’t believe they have broken the agreement and plan to do everything they can to keep the current agreement in place.

“My litigation team is on the way to state court this morning to file for injuctable relief, to file a temporary restraining order and to file a damages suit against the city of Glendale,” LeBlanc said. “They are claiming that a law has been broken and that is enough for them to cancel the agreement. It doesn’t work that way.

“That’s why the court system is at our disposal. They are being very autocratic in their actions and we’re going to fight it as our rights to fight it. We’re going to fight it tooth and nail. There’s no way we’re going into a new agreement.”

The process could take months. LeBlanc believes this week has cost the city and team a lot money.

“In 24 hours they caused tens of millions of dollars in damages to the Coyotes, that only damages the city of Glendale,” LeBlanc said, noting that a bid for the 2017 US World Juniors had to be taken off the table.

“Their actions last night couldn’t have been worse for the city of Glendale.”

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