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D-backs’ bobblehead giveaways ranked No. 13 in all of MLB

Slow news day?

There, we said it for you.

Regardless of the importance of this note in the grand scheme of things, there’s no doubt bobbleheads have become an incredibly popular stadium giveaway. The Arizona Diamondbacks have been taking part in the tradition fore more than a decade, with many different players receiving the honor of being portrayed as a tiny statue with a bouncing head.

Last Saturday, courtesy of Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, the D-backs gave away the first of this summer’s bobblehead series — the A.J. Pollock one — leaving Paul Goldschmidt, David Peralta and Zack Greinke left to go.

It’s a solid group of players, actually, but according to ESPN’s David Schoenfield, that quartet is only good enough to rank 13th in MLB’s bobblehead giveaways for this season. He writes:

Very solid group, but the unfortunate Pollock injury dampened the April 23 giveaway.

Indeed, Pollock — a 2015 All-Star — being injured took some of the luster off his, and it’s fair to assume if Greinke does not turn things around his may not be as sought after, either. That said, being in the top-half of the league isn’t necessarily reason to be upset, and when you look at the list and see which teams (and bobbleheads) rank ahead of the D-backs, you might understand.

After all, just take a look at the team he ranks No. 1 and then try to argue.

1. Seattle Mariners: Nelson Cruz, Kyle Seager, Felix Hernandez, Robinson Cano, Ken Griffey Jr. Hall of Fame

That’s a nice list of stars, but Griffey’s Hall of Fame bobblehead puts the Mariners over the top. The Mariners are certainly milking everything out of Junior’s Hall of Fame induction: There’s the bobblehead night on Aug. 5, his jersey retirement ceremony and replica Hall of Fame plaque giveaway on Aug. 6, and then replica jersey day on Aug. 7. I will forgive them, though: Without him, there may not even be a team in Seattle.

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