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Phoenix Suns release a new uniform with marketing campaign

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On Tuesday night at The Phoenician, the Phoenix Suns released a new WeArePHX marketing campaign along with a new uniform.

The new jersey is an all-black look deemed the Suns “Civic Pride” jersey, which represents the team’s pride in its home city, while honoring the popular Suns teams of the past, including the Kevin Johnson and Charles Barkley era teams who were the first to wear a black Suns uniform.

The jersey, which will be worn 13 times next season, is mostly black with a hint of orange and purple on the collar and white trim for the PHX letters and numbers.

It will be one of six different looks the Suns will have for the 2015-16 NBA season.

A new uniform wasn’t the only thing announced on Tuesday.

There will be a new court as well for the upcoming NBA season.

In an effort to bring back more purple, the Suns added purple lines across the court, while also bringing back the old sunburst that was taken out after the 2004 season.

The new uniform and court are just two of the many exciting plans the Suns have for their new WeArePHX campaign, which is designed to represent the strong connection between the franchise and City of Phoenix.

As part of the night’s events, the Suns also projected a “WeArePHX” logo onto Camelback Mountain.

In addition, the Suns have stenciled in WEArePHX in 40 different locations around the city and will place arena seats in different locations to engage fans with different social media opportunities.

The team wants to reinforce the bond between sports fans in the valley with the original professional sports franchise in the city to celebrate the Suns 48th season in the NBA.




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