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Rich Rodriguez comments on coaching rumors

(AP Photo/Cathleen Allison, File)

The college football world is having some major coaching shakeups. Lots of big schools are looking for a new coach and Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez’s name has been floated around for several positions.

“It is all rumors and speculation, I don’t think there are any coaches getting a call who are coaching a current team,” Rodriguez said Monday in his weekly press conference. “But the speculation on the internet and message boards and rumor sites is just speculation for anybody, not just me. Like I said, it normally happens at the end of the season anyways.”

The speculation is certainly there. A simple search of Rodriguez’s name ties him to schools like USC, Miami, and Virginia Tech.

Rodriguez was asked specifically if the job in Southern California is appealing.

“It is a brand name, so certainly. I think it always will be because of what they have done in the past,” Rodriguez said.

“Their location certainly helps, being in a talent rich area, their past success helps. There are these brand name schools that gets you in the door recruiting wise, they are one of them. You still have to work if you are there, it gets you in the door but it doesn’t mean you will get the guy. The brand name will get you in the door and they certainty have that.”

Rodriguez signed a five-year extension with Arizona in 2014.

The Wildcats are currently 5-4 (2-4) on the season. They play USC this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on ESPN.


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