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  • Channing Frye: ‘This whole situation’s very weird’

    The Phoenix Suns were supposed to open their season Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but instead the US Airways Center was like every other NBA arena: empty. Players and owners are still trying to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement, and until they do the NBA’s lockout will continue. And […]
  • Suns open season with impressive win over Thunder

    The following article is not real. It is our best guess as to what would have happened had the NBA season actually started on time, playing every game on the 2011-12 schedule. Clearly that’s not the case, and every stat, quote or observation below never actually happened. But without REAL NBA basketball to talk about […]
  • Gentry, Suns preparing for season

    Alvin Gentry is ready. In fact, he is more than ready. “We’re very much prepared, okay.” The Suns head coach, like everyone else, is waiting for the NBA season to begin. It was suppose to get underway tonight against Oklahoma City. The lockout though has canceled that game in addition to 15 other Suns games […]
  • Sarver, Suns hanging nets but not playing games

    Today was supposed to be game one. Instead it was day one of a community outreach initiative called “Operation Orange Nets”. The Suns—rather than opening the 2011-2012 season, were at Excelencia School in Phoenix Wednesday morning to promote active and healthy lifestyles. “Can’t talk about the lockout. Can’t talk about the lockout. That’s not for […]
  • More NBA games canceled; no chance for full season

    Remember all that talk about optimism regarding the NBA labor talks in New York? Forget about it now. Talks broke off between the two sides on Friday, as there was reportedly no movement on the BRI (basketball related income) split. Players, who received 57% of BRI in the last collective bargaining agreement, wouldn’t concede to […]
  • LeBron James hoping for Steve Nash to join him in Miami?

    Last offseason LeBron James was able to convince Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to join him in Miami. Will Steve Nash be next? James, who is either bored, playing GM or both, sent out a tweet Thursday that got the NBA world abuzz. Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other […]
  • Colangelo remains optimistic

    There have been hours and hours of talks between owners and players in the National Basketball Association concerning the NBA lockout that has at least delayed the 2011-12 season. One thing that’s been missing in all of these talks is optimism. Former Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, who has a little experience in dealing with an […]
  • NBA to cancel more games, won’t be the last time says Jared Dudley

    The NBA has already canceled the first two weeks of the regular season on account of the lockout, and it appears more missed games are on the way. Rumor has it the league is set to forego another two weeks, a prospect Suns forward and team player representative Jared Dudley tweeted about. Sad to hear […]
  • An NBA Insider who doesn’t bash Robert Sarver?

    Day 112 of the NBA lockout began with some optimism. It ended on Thursday night with none. Talks between the players and owners broke down, public accusations flew from both sides, and no further talks were scheduled following three straight marathon bargaining sessions in New York. One of the more prevalent themes of this work […]
  • Steve Nash: Suns point guard, NBA’s 14th-best player

    Steve Nash may be the sun, moon and stars for the Phoenix Suns organization, but when it comes to his status among the NBA’s best he fits right in at No. 14. According to, which is ranking every player in the NBA (hey, they have to do something during the lockout), the veteran point […]
  • Suns fans will miss out on some attractive games

    After thirteen hours of negotiations over a two-day period, NBA commissioner David Stern faced the media and made an announcement that basketball fans did not want to hear. Stern canceled the first two weeks of the regular season, which was slated to begin Tuesday, November 1st with three games. The Phoenix Suns were scheduled to […]
  • Nash criticizes owners and league over lockout

    PHOENIX – Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash isn’t happy over the NBA’s announcement that the first two weeks of the regular season will be canceled. And the star player has taken to Twitter to vent his frustrations over the stalemate between the players and the league’s owners. “The players are negotiating to take less […]
  • Sarver: ‘Eventually…the facts of my role, of my involvement, will come out’

    Robert Sarver’s name has come up often with regards to the NBA’s labor talks, and usually not in a positive light. While refusing to speak directly to the issue because of league rules, the Suns owner wants to remind everyone that the truth of his involvement will, at some point, be known. “I can say […]
  • Suns make pair of front office moves

    The Phoenix Suns announced a pair of front office moves Monday, naming Brad Caspar as the team’s president to lead business and non-basketball operations and Jason Rowley as the new Chief Operating Officer. “We are proud to have been able to attract someone of Brad’s caliber to lead our business operations,” said Suns Managing Partner […]
  • NBA cancels remainder of preseason schedule

    PHOENIX – The NBA officially announced the entire 114-game preseason schedule has been canceled because a new collective bargaining agreement has not been reached with the Players Association. For the local Phoenix Suns, preseason games against Golden State, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers and two contests each against Portland and Denver have been scrapped. With […]
  • Grant Hill yearning to join a contender?

    It has been widely assumed that Suns forward Grant Hill would finish his career in the Valley of the Sun. The Suns have expressed a desire to bring the veteran back, and he seems to enjoy playing alongside Steve Nash. However, Hill wants to win a championship, and he may have to leave Phoenix to […]
  • Another calls for Suns to trade Steve Nash

    The NBA is currently locked out, so no player movement is possible. However, that won’t stop people from speculating on what could — and should — happen once the lockout is lifted, and the Suns are likely to be at the forefront of many a conversation. The most likely topic? Steve Nash, and whether or […]
  • Suns President and CEO Rick Welts resigns

    Rick Welts stunned the sports world when he announced he was gay a few months back. Friday he surprised people again, as he resigned from his post as president and chief executive officer of the Phoenix Suns. According to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic, Welts said he is not leaving for another job but […]
  • Jared Dudley to play in new Impact League

    It looks like there will be a league for NBA stars to play in this fall. No, sadly it is not the NBA, as that lockout continues, but there is a new league forming in Las Vegas called the the Impact league. The league will feature 70 NBA players and the Suns’ Jared Dudley will […]
  • Grant Hill, family have roots in Arizona

    Grant Hill may be a free agent once the NBA’s lockout ends, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave Arizona the first chance he gets. According to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic, the veteran has returned to his home in the Valley. Don’t read too much into that, considering school began here for […]

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