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The Big Red Wolf Report: After Carolina, before the 49ers

The Arizona Cardinals are 3-2. The Cards are tied for second place in the NFC West, by virtue of their victory over the Carolina Panthers last week, with the San Francisco 49ers.

Here is what the Cardinals need to take from their win in Carolina to the game at Candlestick Stadium:

– The game will lay on the line of scrimmage where the 49ers rushing attack will square off against the Cards front 7. Can the defense perform well again?

– Can Carson Palmer stop throwing picks? The answer to that question lies within their ability to run the ball against the brutal 3-4 defense of the 49ers and how balanced the Cards offense can be.

– Special teams control field position more than any other phase of the game. Last week they performed and they will need to again to help the team come out on top.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, there will be blood.