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Suns and the top pick? Odds say no, but not impossible

Odds are the Phoenix Suns will be drafting 13th during the NBA Draft on June 23rd. There is no guarantee, though, as the Suns do have a .6 percent chance of winning the number one overall selection, which would likely turn out to be either Duke’s Kyrie Irving or Arizona’s Derrick Williams. Point six you say? Yeah, the odds are roughly 165:1. So you’re saying there’s a chance!

Yes, there is, but if you really think about it you’ll realize there are other things that are, shall we say, a bit more likely to happen than the Suns’ envelope being the last one opened Tuesday night.

For example:

• The odds of a traditional Sweetheart’s candy saying “BE MINE” are pretty good, even if the candy itself is not. Odds: 40:1

• Chances of you visiting an emergency room due to being accidentally struck by a person or object over the next year are good, which is bad. Odds: 102:1

• Oddly enough, chances are better that a man would be afraid of being alone in an elevator or home alone at night than they are of the Suns landing the top pick. Odds: 100:1

• If you are confident the Suns will be picking first, though, you may want to keep your head on a swivel or looking up, because you dying due to being struck by a thrown or falling object are a little better. Odds: 153:1

• And, if those falling objects were in fact pushed onto you, sorry to say but the one responsible has a better chance of getting away with the crime than the Suns have of giving a hat to Irving or Williams. Odds: 2:1

• However, if the falling object is actually a plane, you may be able to point to a pilot on the sauce, as the odds of being on a plane with a drunken pilot are not bad – but not good – I’m confused. Odds: 117:1

• Then again, the chances of the Suns leaving New Jersey with the top pick are better than one being considered possessed by Satan, so they have that going for them. Odds: 7,000:1