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Nash to the Knicks rumors just won’t die

The Steve Nash to the New York Knicks rumors are like the characters on the AMC show The Walking Dead; they just won’t die.

No matter what the Phoenix Suns front office says or how many times Nash himself professes he doesn’t want to leave, the rumors still find a way to re-emerge with some new twist included every time. Usually they’re from some New York beat writer who has inroads with the organization which suggests one thing, the Knicks are the ones interested and not the Suns.

Tuesday’s perpetrator is New York Post’s Marc Berman who suggests Mike D’Antoni’s team would like to trade their aging point guard for Nash.

There have been renewed whispers the Knicks have inquired about Suns point guard Steve Nash, who lives in SoHo in the offseason. The Knicks have talked internally about trading Chauncey Billups for Nash as both have expiring contracts. But there does not appear any reason for Suns owner Robert Sarver to make a move and give Mike D’Antoni a chance to reunite with his favorite son.

Would this deal make sense? Sure, If you’re the Knicks. If you’re the Suns it wouldn’t unless there were draft picks or young players coming to the Valley along with Billups.

If the Suns are going to trade Nash they need to acquire building blocks for the future. Billups doesn’t accomplish that in the least.

Both guards’ contracts expire at the end of the upcoming season so there wouldn’t be financial relief, not to mention Billups is just two years younger than Nash and averaged six fewer assists than Nash last season.

Thanks to the Knicks front office and the New York writers the Nash rumors have a life of their own and no matter how many times anyone tries to kill them, they just won’t go away.

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