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Suns can’t, won’t get equal value for Steve Nash

Though they are consistently denying the possibility, if the Phoenix Suns were to trade Steve Nash they would be faced with an unfortunate reality.

“I think the window, they’ve missed the window on getting equal or better value for their piece known as Steve Nash,” Sports 620 KTAR’s Ron Wolfley said on the Doug and Wolf show.

Well ain’t that a peach.

Even if the Suns were willing to part ways with the two-time MVP and face of the franchise they’d run into the problem that no matter what they get in return it just wouldn’t be enough.

If fans would be upset at the team for trading the popular point guard (which they would be), you can only imagine the wrath the organization would face when the return is far less than most people would anticipate.

But that’s the trick with an aging star. A team like Miami, say, could use a player like Nash, only they don’t have much to give up, while a team like Oklahoma City may be loaded with assets but no need for a 37-year-old playmaker.

So what happens? At this rate it seems the Suns will just hold onto Nash, taking a wait-and-see approach. That sounds good and all, until they wait and see their point guard bolt at the end of his current contract, leaving the franchise with memories and nothing else.

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