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LeBron James hoping for Steve Nash to join him in Miami?

Last offseason LeBron James was able to convince Chris
Bosh and Dwyane Wade to join him in Miami.

Will Steve Nash be next?

James, who is either bored, playing GM or both, sent out a tweet Thursday that
got the NBA world abuzz.

Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other
get our 1st ring

For what it’s worth, this idea isn’t exactly new. The Heat
have been in need of a point guard since, well, Tim
Hardaway retired, and with James, Wade and Bosh on the
floor could use someone who has no real interest in
scoring points.

So enter Nash, the pass-first player who can keep defenses
honest and hit a shot when open, but otherwise would be
happy just piling up assists as his teammates put the ball
in the bucket.

But before you get ready to head down to US Airways Center
to protest, keep in mind that no move can happen until the
lockout ends — which could be a while — and even then
chances are the Suns won’t be sending Nash to South Beach.

Because, even if Phoenix is just trying to shed salary,
the chances of them pawning Nash off just for expiring
contracts are about as good as the likelihood of Robin
Lopez becoming the next Hakeem Olajuwon. Take one look at
Miami’s roster and you’ll notice that
outside of their big three there is really no one worth
asking about.

So, while the Suns may ultimately decide to trade Nash at
some point, don’t expect him to join King James and the
gang, even if he’d be a perfect fit there.

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