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Feel old: Ja Morant doesn’t know what your ‘DVD tapes’ are

If you want to feel very old, please watch soon-to-be NBA player Ja Morant fumble his way through naming throwback items that you, fellow less young person, once used in your day-to-day life.

We can most concisely explain this exercise by ESPN this way: The 19-year-old Murray State product is too young to know what a DVD is.

This becomes clear when ESPN asks him to name a selection of items shown in pictures.

If it looks like it plays some form of media, the best guess is a DVD player.

Morant certainly can’t guess the name of a floppy disk. When it comes to VCR and cassette tapes, maybe it plays “DVD tapes,” he thinks.

Being born in 1999 means Ja missed out on Tamagotchis, Walkman’s and, well, apparently actual DVD players. Probably not the end of the world.

Some of the good stuff from the 1990s lasted. He’s enjoyed some Cosmic Brownies and “White Men Can’t Jump.”

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