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Bagging on the fans is a no-win situation

Markieff Morris’ harsh comments on the lack of fan support after the humiliating loss to the Spurs is not the first time a professional athlete has criticized the fans and it won’t be the last. But what Markieff needs to understand is that it is not the fans’ job to get you going. It is your job to get the fans going and unfortunately on Saturday night there was nothing to get excited about if you are a Suns fan. Fans come to games to be entertained and they were anything but on Saturday night.

It’s kind of like a player coming off the bench who wants to prove himself to his coach. Go bust your ass day in and day out and prove to that coach that you deserve to be in the game. Here in Phoenix you have to prove yourself to the fans night in and night out.

Look, this isn’t that big of a deal. Markieff is frustrated, I get it. But this isn’t college and you can’t just click your heels and go back to Kansas. This is Phoenix, Arizona, where a good 65-70 percent of the sports fan base comes from somewhere else. Fan enthusiasm here gets questioned often. The fan base is passive outside of the Cardinals.

But bagging on the fans is a no-win situation. It’s a fight you can’t win. Because even if you are right, what’s to gain? The fans aren’t all of a sudden going to show up at the next home game and cheer more because you are mad at them. Not going to happen.

Having a fan base go nuts for you is fun and inspiring, but when they don’t show the enthusiasm it certainly is not the reason for any lack of success a team is having.