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Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner assumes alias to rodeo

(Rancho Rio Facebook Photo)

Madison Bumgarner by day, Mason Saunders by night?

In a recent article by The Athletic, the new D-backs pitcher fessed up to assuming an alias to compete in rodeos.

It’s no secret that he competes because it’s something the 30-year-old pitcher has done since he was 15 or 16.

Bumgarner said the alias Mason Saunders derives from shortening his first name and assuming his wife’s maiden name. Mason is also the name his wife uses when they’re out in public so people wouldn’t recognize him.

“But you’re going to ruin that for me,” Bumgarner told The Athletic.

Recently, Mason Saunders took home $26,560 alongside his partner, Jaxson Tucker, after roping four steers in 31.36 seconds.

The competition took place in December at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg while Bumgarner was a free agent.

One of his previous rodeo stints came last spring just two days before pitching in a spring training game for the San Francisco Giants.

According to the article, general manager Mike Hazen wouldn’t get into “specific contract language” when asked if Bumgarner would be roping under contract with the D-backs.

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