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Fan Fest boo birds a sign Kevin Kolb has work to do

Kevin Kolb has work to do.

No, not with his game, though he did misfire on his fair
share of passes Wednesday night.

Playing in front of fans for the first time since
last season, Kolb overthrew Larry Fitzgerald on a deep
ball, had a throw picked off by linebacker Reggie Walker
in the end zone and saw his final pass of the night batted
down at the line of scrimmage.

There were an estimated 15,000 fans in attendance at the
Fan Fest, and you have to figure most were simply excited
to be in the building and see their team for the first
time since January 1. Many of them booed the QB.

Kolb did not have a banner night, that’s for sure. Still,
it did not matter that his misfires are no doubt but a
small sample of the work he’s done this offseason. It did
not matter that it is the middle of June and no matter how
much someone may struggle in one practice, there is still
plenty of time to work out the kinks before the regular
season opens September 7.

All that mattered was the quarterback who was brought in
to be the guy last season has not earned the trust
of a fan base that is desperate to see a winner once

That’s what happens when a player who the team bet heavily
on produces just nine touchdown passes in a season where
he played in just nine games (finishing eight). That
Kolb’s backup produced a 6-2 record wasn’t particularly
helpful to the former Eagle’s cause, either.

In a way, though, booing Kolb Wednesday night was somewhat
unfair. Even someone who doesn’t believe in the guy has to
understand that one off night does not a career make. Kolb
will have plenty more chances to prove himself — likely
in games that count — and will either show he’s capable
of leading a team or is a bust.

To his credit, Kolb has consistently said he’s aware of
what’s at stake this season, and if he fails it will not
be due to a lack of effort.

And, to be fair, just because fans have no confidence in
Kolb does not mean his teammates feel the same way. Not
one player in the Cardinals’ locker room has given any
indication that they lack faith in Kolb, and after
practice Wednesday rookie Michael Floyd said he likes both
Kolb and John Skelton, and has no interest in playing

“That’s the coaches’ decision,” he said of who should

Then again, you can’t really expect players to take sides,
especially not at this point. But that’s neither here nor

We are a little less than three months from Week 1,
giving Ken Whisenhunt and staff plenty of time to make
their choice. Many feel Kolb is the favorite simply
because of what the team has invested in him, but the
coach has maintained the idea that Skelton, entering his
third year in the NFL, will have every chance to earn the

One of the two will be under center when the team hosts
Seattle, and it may very well be the man the fans booed
Wednesday night.

Kevin Kolb could emerge as the starter, and may turn into
the player the Cardinals thought they were trading for
last July. Or, he could struggle again and be out of the
league in two years. The truth is we just don’t know, at
least not yet.

The fans, though, seem to have already made their
decision, and the only way for Kolb to change their
perception is to play well. Does he have it in him?

We’re anxiously waiting to find out.