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When it comes to the Coyotes, the Glendale City Council choked

There will never be an athlete at any sporting event in Glendale who chokes to the magnitude the Glendale City Council has. It is impossible to justify re-electing the five members of the city council who voted to terminate the lease with the Arizona Coyotes.

If you’re a fan of hockey, the Glendale city council has severely handcuffed the Coyotes efforts in free agency. Clearly, the Coyotes weren’t going to be major players in the first place. Now, Coyote targets can only be placed in two categories: players who have always wanted to live in Phoenix and players who received no significant offer somewhere else.

If you’re still waiting to see morals in elected officials, the Glendale City Council has shown their word means nothing. If any business comes to an agreement with Glendale, how do they know the agreement will be honored? If Glendale doesn’t like the deal, they’ll fight to pull out of it. The best thing for a business to do is never go into the agreement from the start.

If you accept governments offering tax-breaks or constructing buildings for private businesses as part of the modern business world, you must also accept the Glendale City Council as terribly behind the times. When backwoods meets the big city, disaster strikes. With little doubt, this is what’s occurred.

If you can’t stand the idea of taxpayers footing the bill for stadiums and arenas, you don’t have a friend on the Glendale City Council. The council already had the chance to stand up for you but voted to accept the lease with a $15 million per year due to the Coyotes. Yes, people make mistakes, but if you’re against the original deal, you can’t allow your city council to pass the blame onto the Coyotes. All of us in the real world don’t get a second chance after a $30 million dollar mistake.

Every decision made under Jerry Weiers leadership as it relates to the Coyotes and major sports has been short-sighted. The only decision more short-sighted would be the re-election of the Coyote five.