Goldy, the Dodgers and a cheetah

Jul 8, 2015, 1:24 PM | Updated: 1:25 pm


My first day back from my summer break, I always write a vacation blog. I do it to help you in case you plan a similar trip. I, also, like to get your feedback because I may have just had a bad experience that is not normal.

This year’s trip was to SoCal. We did Rattlers @ Kiss, D-Backs @ Padres, Yanks @ Angels and Mets @ Dodgers for games and also the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, Catalina Island, Santa Monica Pier and Newport Beach.

Here’s my five biggest takeaways:


I worked with Rattlers head coach Kevin Guy in 2002-03. We’ve been friends for years so I try to make as many Rattlers games as I can. Since we were in L.A. and the Rattlers had a game in L.A., we thought we’d go. We went to Staples Center. We got a good laugh from other people as we stood in line with music moguls. There was a BET music festival about to begin at Staples. We did not have tickets for that. There’s nothing like a ticket guy laughing at you while they say, “You’re at the wrong arena.”


“I love zoos.” My 10-year-old kept saying this over and over again as a cheetah calmly stopped to look at my kid with only a net and railing separating them. Pretty cool on vacation when your child gets excited about an experience.


I will never understand people who go to Disneyland (or any amusement park) and complain about lines. What do people expect to happen at one of the largest tourist destinations in the world? We shouldn’t be subjected to constant whining while we stand in line just because we’re mature enough to know that we’re going to be standing in line.


I had no idea that Dodger fans were knowledgeable about baseball. Every time I’ve seen Dodgers/D-Backs game at Chase Field, most (not all) of the Dodger fans are obnoxious to the point of begging for a fight. Even the ones that tweet or e-mail me are, usually, clueless. The things they’re arguing for or demanding clearly show they have no idea what they’re talking about. I don’t know if Arizona gets the Los Angeles rejects, but the Dodger fans at Dodger Stadium aren’t anything like the majority of Dodger fans at Chase Field. Although I wasn’t rooting for the Dodgers, I loved the experience and had no issues with Dodger fans at all.


Paul Goldschmidt is everything that is right about America because he doesn’t try to be everything right about America. I don’t care how cheesy it sounds, but it’s still hard to accept he’s real. I’m sure you’ve heard a million “Goldy gives back” stories, but I got to see it in action.

Arizona at San Diego. I’m talking to Goldy before the game and I tell him that I’m with my friend’s family. After the game is over, the D-backs are packing up to get home from a long trip. It makes perfect sense for the players to be in a hurry because they know the sooner they get out of the park, the sooner they get home to their families. Goldy walked over to my friend’s son and called for the ball the boy had caught from Dave McKay during the game. Goldy signed the ball and waived. The kid stared in amazement and talked about Goldy the rest of the trip.

We are now sharing Goldy with the rest of baseball for the All-Star game just like he keeps sharing baseball with the rest of us.


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Goldy, the Dodgers and a cheetah