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Phoenix Coyotes are NHL’s biggest disappointment

The Diamondbacks are in the middle of a playoff race, but the other professional sports teams in the Valley are causing fans to scratch their heads.

The Phoenix Coyotes still do not know where they will call home in two seasons, but wherever it is, the fans are likely to be frustrated.

The Business Journals on Numbers recently determined the Coyotes are the most difficult team to follow in the NHL “based on their inability to win the Stanley Cup or even advance to the quarterfinals of the playoffs in the past 23 seasons.”

People have often chimed in that hockey does not belong, and cannot succeed in, the desert. While the team has had some good seasons and attempted to prove the naysayers wrong, the Coyotes have repeatedly failed to meet expectations.

Sports are about rings and championships.

Every season, every team sets out to achieve a common goal.

However, this goal has eluded the Coyotes for all 31 years of the franchise’s history.

Needless to say not every team can win every year, but the Coyotes have never even been to the finals and always seem to struggle when it matters most.

The future is uncertain and the Coyotes may be on the move soon, however the team might belong in Arizona as they seem to disappoint their fans with just as much frequency as the other local teams.

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