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Cardinals coach: Drew Stanton’s dance moves ‘weren’t really pretty’

You can dance if you want to, you can — no, wait, you cannot dance if you want to.

So sayeth Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, anyway.

“No, and I really wouldn’t like to see them again,” the coach answered when asked if he knew quarterback Drew Stanton had the kind of dance moves he showed Sunday night in Seattle. “They weren’t really pretty.”

What say you?

Of course, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and given the context for why Stanton was dancing in the first place, odds are Arians was actually happy to see it. The backup quarterback was celebrating Andre Ellington’s game-clinching 48-yard touchdown run, a play that capped off an outstanding and intense matchup with the Seahawks.

And if Stanton feels bad about his coach’s criticism, he should know his teammates have his back. Sort of.

“Umm, strong to quite strong, I think,” fellow QB Carson Palmer said when asked to grade his teammate’s moves. “It was just all heart. That’s what he said. I heard him doing an interview and he said it wasn’t premeditated. It just came out. I think that was dedicated to Ryan Lindley because he was a great sideline celebrator, and I think Drew just slid ahead of Ryan.”

“I saw it on Twitter and it looks good,” receiver Jaron Brown said. “I don’t think he’s going for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or nothing like that. He was pumped up.”

It is often said a team’s backup quarterback is its most popular player. As of now, that may very well be the case in Arizona.

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