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TNT’s Charles Barkley rips Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns lost their sixth straight game Thursday night, 111-105, to the Houston Rockets.

No surprise there.

Phoenix has now lost 21 of its last 23 games. Interim coach Earl Watson’s roster is in shambles, mostly due to injuries to guards Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight and forward T.J. Warren.

But Suns Ring of Honor member Charles Barkley doesn’t have any pity for the franchise he played for in the early 1990s, guiding them to one of their two NBA Finals appearances.

On TNT Thursday night, while highlights of the Rockets’ win over the Suns played, Barkley was relentless in his criticism of the franchise.

“These guys, man, I feel so bad,” Barkley said. “Jeff Hornacek, they threw him under the bus. Ran over him. Hang in there, Jeff, you’ll get another chance with a real NBA team.”

He wasn’t done.

“Look at them, empty seats, man. The best fans in the world have to watch this trash.”

When reminded by host Ernie Johnson that the Suns have been crippled by injuries, Barkley retorted quickly.

“They were no good when they had ’em.”


The barrage continued, as Sir Charles illustrated how bad things are organization-wide.

“You know how some places, they serve good nachos and they put jalapenos on them,” Barkley asked. “The Suns be putting pickles on them.”

That line coaxed audible laughter from crew members not even on camera.

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