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Phoenix Suns 2016 NBA Draft Lottery Watch: April 11

It’s the final week of the NBA regular season and the picture for the lottery has started to clear up. The one team that is still up in the air is right here in the desert.


76ers1. Philadelphia 76ers (10-70)

Last Week: 1-2 with a win over the Pelicans and losses to the Knicks and Bucks.

This Week: Tuesday at Raptors and Wednesday at Bulls.

The Sixers have locked up the worst record in the NBA. Their odds at the number-one overall pick are even better than normal due to the right to flip spots with the Kings from the Nik Stauskas trade last summer.


lakers2. Los Angeles Lakers (16-64)

Last Week: 0-4 with losses to the Clippers twice, Pelicans and Rockets.

This Week: Monday at Thunder and Wednesday vs. Jazz.

The Lakers are locked into the number-two slot, giving them a .558 percent chance they keep the pick. If Los Angeles finishes outside the top three, the selection heads to Philadelphia.


netslogo3. Brooklyn Nets (21-59)

Last Week: 0-3 with losses to the Wizards, Hornets and Pacers.

This week: Monday vs. the Wizards and Wednesday vs. the Raptors.

We have our first change in the standings since we’ve started tracking the top. The Nets have jumped ahead of the Suns by losing eight straight games.

sunslogo4. Phoenix Suns (22-58)

Last Week: 2-1 with wins against the Rockets and Pelicans and a loss to the Hawks.

This Week: Monday vs. Kings and Wednesday vs. Clippers

The Suns are one game behind the Nets. By finishing fourth instead of third, Phoenix would open themselves up to the possiblity of falling to seventh (.012 percent chance) instead of sixth. Phoenix’s odds of getting the top pick go from .156 percent to .119 percent and a top-three pick drops from .469 percent to .378 percent. It’s a pretty significant change and one that wasn’t necessary to force-feed veterans an unhealthy amount of minutes to win meaningless games.

twolves5. Minnesota Timberwolves (28-52)

Last Week: 3-0 with wins over the Warriors, Kings and Trail Blazers.

This Week: Monday vs. the Rockets and Wednesday vs. the Pelicans.

The Timberwolves are going to be a trendy playoff pick next season in the West. I probably won’t be able to resist doing that myself.

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