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Big League Dad: Shane Doan remembers his mom, praises his wife

Few athletes are as admired in the state of Arizona as much as the Coyotes’ Shane Doan.

“Doaner,” as he is affectionately known, has played his entire career with the organization, and has been about as good an ambassador for the team and the sport of hockey as one could ask for.

The 39-year-old is nearing the end of his storied career, but as Doan acknowledges, none of it would have been possible without the mothers in his life.

“As most young boys, I think I have the best mom ever,” he told Arizona Sports. “She was incredible. She gave me every opportunity and she’s — her job was so difficult because as a young boy it was always chasing or moving me around or getting me somewhere. She always put us kids first.”

Doan recalled how his mom drove him from central Alberta to Kamloops with his sister and brother and slept in a tent just so that they could all be there to watch his first hockey camp.

“It was one of those things I’ll never ever forget, the fact that they were willing to do that for me, it was pretty special.”

Of course Doan, a father of four, has another mother in his life — his wife.

“I’ve had the opportunities to try to fill in for my wife for brief moments and I fail miserably,” he admitted. “Moms, you guys are amazing. My wife is the best mom; my kids are so fortunate and the job is incredibly hard.”

You’ll find no one to argue that assertion.

“To my mom, to my mother-in-law and to my wife, I just want to wish a happy Mother’s Day,” Doan concluded. “Very, very deserved. Thank you so much, guys. You guys are the best.”


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