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Notes from the Nest: Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks

End of game

Cards turn it over on downs an that’ll do it. Seattle wins 34-22, and the Cardinals fall to 3-4 on the season. No bueno, folks.

2:00 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals are driving once again, facing a second and one at the Seattle 38.

That’s all I’ve got for you.

4:34 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals got the ball back and actually put a drive together. It finishes with an eight-yard TD pass from Palmer to Jaron Brown. Two-point conversion fails, and it’s 34-22 visitors.

To be fair, it was a really nice throw. Too little too late, though.

8:13 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals win a challenge and get a pass completion reversed. So at least that happened. Third and eight becomes third and 13 following a false start, and the Seahawks are at their own 25.

8:25 left in fourth quarter

This one got real bad. The line has been atrocious, the D not good and Palmer not average. Overall poor effort.

By the way, Seattle has the ball at its own 40.

10:21 left in fourth quarter

Welp, Seattle puts a drive together and Hauschka is good from 42-yards out, and it’s back to a three score game. Seahawks up 34-16, and it’s not looking good for Big Red.

14:41 left in fourth quarter

Seahawks begin on their own 20. If Cards are to have any chance, need to get a stop. Can’t afford to allow Seattle to score again.

14:50 left in fourth quarter

A neutral zone infraction gave the Cards a first down, but three straight incomplete passes and the field goal unit is brought in. Disagree with kicking here, but make this and it’s a two possession game so it’s probably the right call in the end.

And hte kick is good, so it’s now a disappointing 31-16. Need touchdowns, not field goals.

End of third quarter

Well, we head into the fourth with the Cardinals down 31-13 facing a third and third on the Seattle eight. Kind of need a TD here. Really need a TD here. Could use a TD here.

:12 left in third quarter

Abraham gets another sack, Wilson fumbles again, and the Cards recover at the Seattle 15. Get a TD here and this game isn’t quite over.

1:12 left in third quarter

Cardinals moved the ball some and then the line failed to give Palmer any time to throw. Bradley Sowell is having a pretty poor game, to put it nicely.

Punt lands in the end zone, Seahawks take over at the 20.

3:52 left in third quarter

Sure enough, two plays later Lynch scores, and with the extra point the score is 31-13. On the bright side…ummm… anything for me?

4:43 left in third quarter

Just as I was talking to Dave Burns and Vince Marotta about Palmer playing a generally solid game, he throws off his back foot and is picked off by Brandon Browner. He returns it to the four (probably should have scored), and this one is in danger of getting away from Arizona once again.

7:48 left in third quarter

Cards start their drive at the 20, and first play is a Palmer pass to Floyd good for 11 yards.

7:48 left in third quarter

Yes, but not for Lynch. Seahawks go play-action and Wilson finds Kellen Davis open in the back of the end zone. Of course, because he’s a tight end. PAT is good and the Seahawks are up 24-13.

8:13 left in third quarter

Scratch that, Lynch is ruled down before crossing the goal line. Delaying the inevitable?

8:13 left in third quarter

Seahawks march down the field with some excellent passes by Wilson and some beastly runs by Marshawn Lynch. Those guys are good. Real good. Lynch scores from five yards out.

11:48 left in third quarter

Palmer nearly throws a pick on a play that looked like a miscommunication between he and Fitz, and then Roberts drops a third down pass. Feely comes on and converts on a 52-yard field goal attempt.

Score is 17-13, and the Cardinals are very much in this one.

12:57 left in third quarter

Yes, yes they can.

John Abraham gets his first sack as a Cardinal, Daryl Washington blows up a running play and the Seahawks punt the ball away. Cards take over on their 48.

15:00 left in third quarter

Seahawks to start on their own 20. Can the Cards’ D make an early statement?

End of second quarter

And that’s the half. Could have been worse, so there is that.

:05 left in second quarter

Steven Hauschka hits a 51-yard field goal, and the Seahawks go up 17-10. All things considered, the Cards should feel OK about that score heading into the intermission. Looked like this one would be much, much worse.

:19 left in second quarter

Seahawks get down to the 19, currently face a third and 10. They just used their last timeout, so I have a feeling they’re going to come out throwing. Call it a hunch.

:36 left in second quarter

And of course, the call on the field is overturned and it goes down as a catch. Seahawks doing well in the challenge department.

:36 left in second quarter

Wilson rolls out on a third down and finds Sidney Rice on the sideline, but the pass is ruled incomplete. Booth is reviewing, and it’s a big play. Overturn the call, Seattle is in field goal range. Let it stand, and this half probably ends with the Cards trailing but feeling pretty good about themselves.

1:59 left in second quarter

Seahawks face a third and one at their own 40. Cards could use a stop on this drive to preserve momentum heading into the half.

3:40 left in second quarter

Kickoff is a touchback, Seattle starts at the 20. How do the Seahawks respond?

3:40 left in second quarter

Mendenhall runs through a nice hole into the end zone, and just like that the Cards are back in this game. Seattle is still up by a score of 14-10, but momentum is with the home team at the moment.

3:44 left in second quarter

Matt Shaughnessy sacks Wilson. The QB fumbles, and Calais Campbell comes up with the ball. Arizona has the ball on the three. The THREE!

3:59 left in second quarter

Seahawks start on their own 13. Place is getting a little loud…

4:02 left in second quarter

Do you believe in miracles?! The Cardinals get on the scoreboard with a 49-yard Jay Feely field goal. It’s the first time the Cards have scored a point against the Seahawks since Week 1 of last year, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Anyway, at least Arizona got some points on the drive, though they’re still down 14-3.

5:52 left in second quarter

Cards pick up a first down on a nice throw to Floyd, who was aided by a Fitz block, and then the team converts a fourth and one to maintain possession.

10:12 left in second quarter

And how ’bout that, Campbell blows up the line and destroys Wilson in the backfield. Cardinals will take over at their own 43. Is there such a thing as a “must score” drive in the second quarter? If so, this is probably one.

10:27 left in second quarter

Marshawn Lynch is stopped on third and one, but Carroll sends the offense back out to go for it. Chance for the Cardinals to get some momentum with a stop.

11:56 left in second quarter

Cardinals go three-and-out, with Bradley Sowell giving up a sack on third down to set up the punt. Golden Tate returned it for a TD, but a block in the back call will bring it all back. So, Tate’s flip into the end zone was a complete waste of time.

However, that was just a sign of how this night is going for the Cards. This could get ugly REAL quick.

13:25 left in second quarter

Wilson hits Zach Miller for a 15-yard TD pass, and it’s now 14-0 Seahawks. Crazy seeing a tight end burn the Cardinals, right?

So yeah…umm…not a good start for the home team, to say the least.

14:16 left in second quarter

Seahawks get a first down courtesy of a roughing the passer call on John Abraham. Seattle gives five back with a false starts, so they’re at the 18 now.

End of first quarter

Seahawks get the first down and keep on moving. The quarter ends with a first and 10 at the Arizona 26.

On the bright side, chocolate fudge cake served in the press box tonight is phenomenal.

How’s your night going?

1:36 left in first quarter

Cardinals may have caught a break as Tyrann Mathieu got tripped up and took Sidney Rice to the ground on a deep ball. Pass interference? Probably, but no call. Seattle faces a third and three at their 46.

3:51 left in first quarter

Well I’m 0-1 on calls tonight, as the Seahawks win the challenge and get the ball. Palmer’s interception woes continue, though this one isn’t really ALL on him.

Seattle with the ball at its own 28.

3:51 left in first quarter

Palmer finds Roberts for a third down and then looks for Fitzgerald deep down the sideline. Unfortunately, the ball was a tad underthrown. It bounced off Fitz and landed in the arms of Earl Thomas. He bobbles the ball and rolls out of bounds, with the ref calling it an incomplete pass. Seattle is challenging the ruling, though.

Guess here is the call stands. It’s not confirmed, not overturned. Just stands.

7:07 left in first quarter

Javier Arenas takes the ensuing kickoff out of the end zone all the way to the Arizona 17. So, in retrospect, probably should have taken a knee. At any rate, the Cards will come back from the TV timeout looking to answer. They moved the ball a little on drive one, but need to get something going early. Can’t afford to fall too far behind tonight.

7:13 left in first quarter

The Seahawks marched right down the field, with the drive being capped by a 31-yard TD pass from Wilson to Sidney Rice. As far as starts go, that one could not have gone much worse for the Cardinals’ D.

7-0 Seattle.

9:27 left in first quarter

Russell Wilson runs for 11 on first down, so so much for that idea.

9:44 left in first quarter

The Cards couldn’t pick up another first down and are forced to punt. It’s a (surprising) good one from Zastudil, which Tate returns 15 yards to the Seattle 17. That’s where the defense, with Calais Campbell, will get to work.

A three-and-out would be nice for the field position game, don’t ya think?

11:15 left in first quarter

A couple of third down conversions had the Cardinals moving, but then Tony McDaniel breaks through the line and throws Carson Palmer down for a loss of 14. A Palmer to Floyd pass got 11 of them back, but it’s now third and long at the 40.

15:00 left in first quarter

The Cardinals won the toss and elected to receive, and the kick sails into the end zone for a touchback. The Cards will start on their own 20, looking to build off a decent offensive performance just a few days ago.

By the way, doesn’t it seem weird to have football tonight?