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Initial thoughts on the Cardinals’ first cuts

The Cardinals announced Monday they’ve released 13 players. The deadline to have done so is Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. Here are some quick thoughts I had when I read through the names.


Always impressive when a team makes the cuts some 27 hours early. The Cardinals had every right to wait until the last minute so they could dangle a player in a trade or study other cuts before making a move. Having the right doesn’t make it right. Releasing the players Monday gives them a better chance to make another roster.


It has always seemed Bruce Arians came down harder on Feely when he messed up than other players. Obviously, that’s a completely speculative opinion, but Feely never seemed to be “Arians’ guy.” Irrelevant if that’s true or not, the kicking competition was very fair and I think the kicker with the better preseason won. We won’t know until the regular season if the better kicker won.


Really surprised by this cut. I’m not surprised that he was cut but that he was cut in the first round of cuts. I have great respect for any player that gives all that he has. With that duly earned by Bradley Sowell, he just hasn’t played at an NFL level. Although Starks has done very little since his arrival due to injury, I’m surprised Arizona didn’t keep Starks and wait to see if his health improves. Sowell has shown he struggles playing NFL football. Starks shows that he struggles with his health. Time might help Starks. I don’t think time will help Sowell.


Everyone knew this would happen the second Logan Thomas was drafted I feel bad for Lindley because he was in a great situation. Lindley won’t “wow” you with arm strength so it was imperative that he wins on intangibles, accuracy and decision-making. Lindley hasn’t succeeded in these areas during practice. He had a year to learn from two excellent quarterback coaches (Arians and Tom Moore), yet those coaches weren’t impressed enough to skip available quarterbacks in the most recent draft. If those two couldn’t develop a diamond “from that rough,” it’s hard to believe someone else will.