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  • NFL analyst doesn’t think Cards will take a quarterback

    Who will be under center for the Arizona Cardinals in 2011? You can probably cross two of the rookie quarterbacks off your list. According to ESPN NFL Analyst John Clayton, both Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton won’t likely be available when the Cards make their selection at No. 5 in just a few weeks. “Neither […]
  • An Arizona Cardinal leaves for the Arena League

    We’ve heard about players leaving the Arena Football League to chase their dreams of playing on Sundays before. Now, thanks to the NFL lockout, we’re getting a chance to hear the exact opposite and it’s effecting the Arizona Cardinals. On Thursday Cards offensive lineman Cliff Louis announced that he was joining the Cleveland Gladiators of […]
  • Cardinals looking to move up for Gabbert?

    Rumors and speculation leading up to the NFL Draft can be exciting, if not stressful. And, for a team like the Cardinals, every little bit of what-could-be-real-info has fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to react one way or another. The Cards have been linked to multiple players, most notably Von Miller and […]
  • ‘Experts’ agree: Cardinals need a lot of help

    ESPN has a series going in which a group of analysts, consisting of Mike Tirico, Trent Dilfer, Chris Mortensen and Mel Kiper Jr., discuss every team in the NFL and what they should do in the upcoming draft. Their conclusion? The Cardinals have plenty of holes to fill. Umm, thanks guys. Naturally they brought up […]
  • Fitzgerald anxious to get back on the field

    PHOENIX – Larry Fitzgerald took batting practice at Chase Field on Tuesday before the Diamondbacks game. The Cardinals’ wide receiver is anxious to get on a playing field he is more accustomed to and eradicating the bitter taste of last season. “I’m looking forward to getting back on the field so we can figure it […]
  • Cardinals preseason schedule announced

    The Arizona Cardinals preseason schedule is set, that is, provided the league and players can come to an agreement before a mid-August date with the Raiders. In all the Cardinals will travel to Oakland and Green Bay before coming home to face San Diego and Denver. The trip to Green Bay will be the team’s […]
  • Leinart just waiting for opportunity. Wait, what?

    Matt Leinart would like you to know that his NFL career has been a roller coaster. Arizona Cardinals fans would like Leinart to know watching him left them feeling like they had just gotten off one. The Daily Trojan, USC’s student newspaper, caught up with the former Heisman quarterback and Cards draft bust this week […]
  • Seahawk QB Hasselbeck heading to Arizona?

    Saying the Cardinals need a new quarterback, while somewhat of an understatement, is still factually correct. So, it should not be a surprise when every quarterback with a pulse is linked to Arizona, even if one of the options has been one of the team’s biggest rivals over the last few years. According to ESPN’s […]
  • Don’t believe what Ken Whisenhunt has to say

    Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt wants you to know that you shouldn’t believe anything he or anyone else involved in the NFL says. At least when it comes to the NFL draft. The head coach made it clear that this time of year the NFL has more people bluffing than the World Series of […]
  • Whisenhunt’s draft philosophy includes looking at need and value

    With the 2011 NFL Draft only 22 days away, Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is determined to take both need and value into account when it comes to selecting the team’s picks. “You have to stay true to your process of how you evaluate players,” Whisenhunt said in an interview with Mike Florio on Pro […]
  • Whisenhunt provides clues to Cards offseason

    Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt may not be able to talk to his players due to the NFL lockout but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk to the media. On Tuesday he was a guest of Mike Florio’s on Pro Football Talk Live and talked about his team’s future. During the interview Whisenhunt didn’t […]
  • Coach wants Fitzgerald to stay in AZ, out of QB decision

    In what will likely not go down as the shock of the summer, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt wants Larry Fitzgerald to stick around for a while. “Our goal is to have him retire as a Cardinal one day many years from now,” the coach told ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio Wednesday. “And I think we’ve made a […]
  • Draft history doesn’t bode well for Arizona Cardinals

    While everyone is spending time bickering about which player in this month’s draft would help the Arizona Cardinals win right away and which player is just too flawed to even consider taking at number five overall, the sad truth may be that who they take is irrelevant. That is if you choose to believe a […]
  • Former scout thinks Von Miller lacks competitiveness

    There have been more holes poked into every player projected towards the top of the NFL draft than the Arizona Cardinals defense in 2010. You can now add Von Miller Texas A&M outside linebacker to that list. Former NFL scout Dave Razzano told the Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers that he thinks Miller isn’t the guy […]
  • Warren Moon thinks Cardinals, and others, need reevaluate Cam Netwon

    Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon caused a little bit of a controversy earlier in the week when he claimed that race is playing a factor in why people are picking apart Cam Newton prior to the draft. Moon set the record straight on Friday morning making it clear — kind of — that he […]

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