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Bickley & Marotta

  • How can the Pac-12 keep up with Oregon?

    The University of Arizona has unveiled the brand new Lowell-Stevens Football Facility at Arizona Stadium. It is, in a word, gorgeous — at least from the pictures I’ve seen. The facility is five stories high, features new football offices, a modernized weight room and 5,000 upgraded seats and an indoor club that also has 600 […]
  • Cardinals’ Palmer begins his shot at redemption

    A city and its quarterback go hand-in-hand, down the aisle, for better or worse. There is nothing casual about the relationship. You can read the full story here. Follow @AZSports
  • The 5: Arizona Cardinals I’m excited to watch in 2013

    I’m not going to lie…I can’t wait for football season. While I love baseball, basketball and hockey, football season is the by far the best time on the sports calendar. And for the first time in a while, there is optimism surrounding the Arizona Cardinals. A front office makeover, hiring the reigning NFL Coach of […]
  • It’s not just pitching; the D-backs need a bat, too

    One general feeling surrounding the Arizona Diamondbacks these days is that the they’re in desperate need of pitching — both in the starting rotation and in the bullpen. Only Patrick Corbin, who represented the franchise in last Tuesday’s All-Star Game, has been a reliable starter this season. The bullpen? That’s been a disaster as well, […]
  • Brad Ziegler at closer? Why not?

    A manager calling to the bullpen to summon his closer is a common baseball event that’s been glorified by Hollywood forever. Here’s the way it’s supposed to go: The good guys are up one run, bases loaded, two outs in the bottom of the ninth. The skipper goes out to the mound to pull the […]
  • The 5: Most Painful Arizona Sports Moments

    As anniversaries go, June 20 marked a pretty grim one in the minds and hearts of Phoenix sports fans. On that date in 1993, a reserve guard from Notre Dame took a pass from a player who was inexplicably double-teamed and hit a three-pointer from the left wing with 3.9 seconds left. John Paxson was […]
  • Sorry, Suns fans: I can’t help but respect the Spurs

    If you’re a fan of the Phoenix Suns, you’ve got a lot of reasons to hate the San Antonio Spurs. While the Suns are still seeking the first championship in their 45-year history. The Spurs, a team who joined the NBA nine years after Phoenix did, has four of them. The Suns have never had […]
  • Closer look at Paul Goldschmidt’s remarkable 2013

    We’re more than a quarter of the way through the 2013 Major League Baseball season, and we’ve learned a few things. We’ve learned that Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is really good. We’ve learned that spending towering piles of money on talent does not pave the way to success. To wit — the Dodgers and Angels […]
  • Can somebody explain the hatred of Justin Upton to me?

    In my current job, it’s very rare that I get to attend a sporting event as a fan. So when my 17-year-old son told me he’d won tickets to Wednesday’s day game between the Diamondbacks and the Atlanta Braves, and he wanted me to go with him, I jumped at the chance. It represented the […]
  • D-backs bullpen has been bad, but we’ve seen far worse

    If you were tooling around Twitter Wednesday night when San Francisco’s Brandon Belt clubbed a three-run homer off of D-backs reliever David Hernandez (or really any time in the last week or so), you’d think the world was coming to an end for Arizona baseball fans. 10th blown save of the season for the #Dbacks […]
  • Want to rekindle the Valley’s love affair with Suns? Hire Charles Barkley

    John married Jessica in 1993. They were soul mates. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they couldn’t imagine it being any other way. Relationships change over time. Twenty years and three kids later, John and Jessica are still married — but it’s different. John doesn’t exercise like he did in his younger […]
  • The 5: Best top 10 picks in Cardinals history

    Draft week is upon us in the National Football League. The most talked about happening in the sports world will unfold over a three-day period in New York this weekend. Once again, the Arizona Cardinals find themselves drafting in the top ten. This year’s seventh overall selection marks the 16th time in their 26 drafts […]
  • Larry Scott’s first gaffe as Pac-12 commissioner — and it’s a big one

    If you know anything about me, you know I’m not a fan of the Arizona Wildcats — in any sport. But also, I can recognize when something stinks, and well, after a report that surfaced Monday, I’m holding my nose. Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports broke a story that unearthed an investigation of Pac-12 head […]
  • Root for Arizona? Not in this lifetime

    The NCAA Tournament field has been reduced by 52 teams since play in this year’s “Big Dance” started last Tuesday. And for the 15th time since 1976, the Arizona Wildcats are left standing as one of the Sweet 16. The Wildcats defeated 11th-seeded Belmont and 14th-seeded Harvard to reach their current tournament position. No, that’s […]
  • Change is inevitable, so why did people freak out over Sparky?

    Basketball uniforms used to look like this. Tennis rackets once looked like this. The Simpsons once looked like this. Updating the design led to vast improvements in all three instances. The initial reaction to the 1990 Michigan Wolverines taking the court in long, baggy shorts was near outrage. Over two decades later, those shorts are […]