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  • The NFL Draft: Trust Nobody

    I think Justin Blackmon is going to be a great receiver in the NFL for years to come. The talented WR from Oklahoma State has been all over draft boards lately, rising and falling with aplomb. Although he runs sloppy routes now and does have some problems in tight coverage, his skill set reminds me […]
  • Shane Doan is the greatest captain in NHL history

    Shane Doan is the greatest captain in NHL history. Here’s the chain of events. Arizona Sports 620 will tweet out a link to this blog. A Phoenix snowbird from Canada who listens to the show will read it and laugh openly. He will then retweet the link or e-mail it to a buddy still in […]
  • Dad and baseball

    Today is Opening Day…at least I think it is. Since this is the fourth day of an opening day for the 2012 season I’m not in the same celebratory mood as normal. Follow @theAdamGreen
  • Gregg Williams is done

    Listening to the Gregg Williams audio to his players the night before they played San Francisco put an emotional charge into me and filled me with a darkness only Edgar Allen Poe could understand. I haven’t felt that melancholy in a long, long time. The man is good at what he does…or did. Most likely, […]
  • Mike Brown vs. Kobe Bryant: Changing of the guard with L.A. Lakers

    Listening to Mike Brown, the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, talk about the dynamics of the player/coach relationship was both amusing and foreboding. Mr. Brown asserted he was the coach, he made the decisions on the team, he would bench players that weren’t playing the right way and that he was in charge. […]
  • Lisa Love gone, time for Sparky to climb

    Sports is a business that never makes sense if we try to look at it as caring adults. A class of 100 students on ASU’s campus heard the news of Lisa Love’s firing and broke out into huge applause. As soon as the first tweet went out regarding Love’s demise, I was retweeted with countless, […]
  • Phoenix transplants should embrace being local

    Thank you ASU. Thank you Phoenix Sports Commission. Thank you NCAA. I love this town. It’s so great to see the NCAA tournament return to this town. USAC is packed. I hate to say it but it’s been awhile since I’ve seen so many people in this arena. As we broadcasted outside of Majerle’s downtown, […]
  • Mercenary football is good

    Mercenary football is good. There is an understanding between employer and employee: you play, I’ll pay. Players take the field, give all they possess, bloody the knuckles, rake a few backs, draw a little blood, laugh as they spoil and then pick up a check Monday. This is the way it has been since William […]
  • Pac-12 has work to do on the hardwood

    It’s worse than we even thought. The Pac-12 is a joke and the punch line isn’t very funny. The first 10 minutes of the Mississippi Valley State/Western Kentucky 2nd half became an insult to the Pac-12 and the conference wasn’t involved. Stewart Mandel is a major college sports writer for Sports Illustrated, and he tweeted […]
  • Manning Logic 101

    I think the Arizona Cardinals are driving the Peyton Manning Free Agent Bus. Sources close to Manning have reported he wants to make a decision in less than a week. Many experts believe this is because Manning wants to sign with a team before free- agency begins so that whatever team he goes to will […]
  • A personal plea to Vontaze Burfict

    I can’t stand watching talented people self-destruct. Maybe it’s because I never had any talent and envied those that did? Maybe it’s because I hate to see people waste something that could change their lives and their children’s lives? Maybe it’s because the blessing of talent often comes with a stain on the soul? Watching […]
  • Would I let my kid play football?

    Recently on the Doug & Wolf Show we had the opportunity to simulcast with Mac & Gaydos on Newstalk 92.3 KTAR. We discussed the merits of letting your son play tackle football as concussion concerns intensify. Playing football is and always has been a dangerous proposition. It involves risk. It’s a dangerous sport and concussions […]
  • Jeremy Lin’s nemesis is not Kobe or Dirk

    Jeremy Lin is not supposed to happen in the 21st century. We live in a world dominated by technology, communication and knowledge. We live our lives with few surprises. Information is power and knowledge guides us through our days. The weather is tracked, traffic monitored, crops projected, money exchanged, illness predicted, minutia Googled and in […]
  • The fix is in: Franz’s suggestions for Suns

    Three games in three days. Not a recipe for success for any team. A nightmare if your team has to sit their two best players. The Suns look like they ran out of gas in their last 3 games. We all believe the Suns have run out of gas in the last two seasons. So, […]
  • Suns or Lakers: Nash is purple

    Where is your frustration level with the Suns? You listen to the games on Arizona Sports 620 when they’re on the road and they win. You buy a ticket to a home game to see your Suns and they lose. As soon as you’re ready to give up on the Suns, they win. As soon […]