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  • Franz’s 2012 NFL Power Poll – Week 2

    1) New England Patriots: Outgained Tennessee 162-20 on the ground…also converted 50% of their third downs. 2) San Francisco 49ers: Averaged an unbelievable 5.8 yards/carry…granted it was Aaron Rodgers, but you can’t allow 6-of-13 third down conversions if your team is based on defense. 3) Baltimore Ravens: Largest margin of victory (+31) and it came […]
  • Franz: The Monday 5

    My 5 observations from the weekend… 1) One drive doesn’t make Kevin Kolb the savior. One drive doesn’t make it OK to include a second round pick in the trade for Kolb. However, one drive should eliminate the boos from the crowd. If you don’t like the trade, boo the front office. Kolb deserves to […]
  • The John Skelton-Key

    There are things I’ll be looking for when the Cardinals host the Seattle Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday. The usual suspects like turnovers, penalties, mental errors and red zone conversions will always be integral components to winning football games, but the dynamic of this game has a trend that intrigues me more […]
  • Franz’s 2012 NFL Power Poll – Week 1

    The 2012 NFL season is upon us, and Doug Franz ranks all 32 teams heading into Week 1. 1) New England Patriots: No matter how much they work, young QBs like Locker and Skelton won’t stop the Pats from being 2-0 before a showdown at Baltimore. 2) Green Bay Packers: 15-1 just doesn’t go away; […]
  • Five things I learned watching the Cardinals and Titans

    1) Kevin Kolb will be the starting quarterback. Kolb led nine drives against Oakland and Tennessee. Skelton led six. Kolb led two long touchdown drives in the two games. Skelton led one short touchdown drive. With Kolb getting more opportunities, the focus of the coaching staff was clear. Kolb would have to lose the job […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: The QB Battle

    There are certain traits coaches look for in a quarterback that seem to be universally agreed upon. John Skelton and Kevin Kolb have exhibited these traits from time to time, but owning the attribute is what matters. A Q can get away without having some of these characteristics but there seems to be one quality […]
  • Thanks a lot, NBA

    So why did we go through that whole exercise again? The NBA owners told us they needed to lock the players out to increase competitive balance. Today proves that was the biggest lie since Monica Lewinsky. The NBA owners pounded on a podium declaring themselves faithful to us and the game. As soon as they […]
  • Copious thoughts from the dark corners of Canton: Quarterback competition primer

    The Hall of Fame Game is finally here. Although players typically loathe playing an additional game in the preseason, the Cardinals couldn’t have hoped for a better scenario to host their quarterback competition. Having the extra week’s work to evaluate the Q’s is invaluable, especially the extra game. The big-eye-in-the-sky-don’t- lie and the Cardinals coaching […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Under the Lights

    Disclaimers are something I’m not particularly fond of, but in certain situations they are imperative. This is one of those situations: evaluating the Cardinals night practice at Lumberjack Stadium without the aid of film and without the comfort of knowing the play call is a non sequitur, a logical fallacy. Having said this, the Cardinals […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Anthony Sherman

    There’s something very cool about having a fullback on a football team. The Cardinals have Anthony Sherman; he’s a rolling boulder with ears…and a brain. In the truest sense of the word, “fullback,” guys like Sherman have got know so much and then be capable of executing that knowledge. Other than the QB, nobody on […]
  • QB battles are won in games, not practice

    QB battles/controversies/competitions aren’t like this one. Kolb versus Skelton isn’t a normal quarterback battle. Listen to the comments of Coach Whisenhunt. Media: When would you like to see this battle resolved? CKW: Two years ago. Thursday, Coach Whisenhunt opened his press conference without needing any questions from the media: “There’s been no decision on who […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Ray Horton

    Ray Horton is a thinker, a guy that doesn’t like the confines of conventionality. When others say you can’t play that scheme, the Cardinals defensive-coordinator says, “Why not?” When they respond, “Because…nobody does that,” Horton smiles. Being different and trying new things on the defensive side of the ball in the National Football League is […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Daryl Washington

    Daryl Washington is going to be a huge part of what the Cardinals do defensively; in fact, he might be the catalyst for Ray Horton’s defense. D-Wash is so versatile opposing offenses might have a hard time finding him in 2012. At 238-pounds, Washington is slight for an inside linebacker but perfect for the fire-zone […]
  • Copious Thoughts from the Dark Corners of Cards Camp: Dan Williams

    I just saw Dan Williams run the conditioning test and he looked great. I don’t know if he passed the test but he certainly exceeded expectations. Coach Whiz was very encouraged by Williams’ effort. Twice I heard him exclaim, “Great job, Dan Williams! Way to go, Dan Williams!” The Arizona Cardinals are excited about their […]
  • Diamondbacks’ present revolves around Justin Upton’s future

    It’s time for the second half of the Baseball season to start. Since the Diamondbacks missed the bell for the first half, here’s what needs to happen to get things headed toward the playoffs. 5) The KEEP IT UP Crew Allow me to introduce the three-man crew. On the mound we have Mr. Wade Miley. […]